Basket Brigade and Friends In Need Invitation

A Special Announcement About The Basket Brigade. I have no idea, what day of the year you are going to be watching this video; but right now, its October 30th, 2009 when Jerry and I are filming this short video. And the reason we're filming this tonight is we're approaching here in the United States, a holiday that's called Thanksgiving. I believe that many other countries, many other cultures have similar holidays, though I don't know them by name. But I believe people everywhere have a similar idea behind the holiday. The idea is to get together with family, friends, and loved ones to take stock of the things you have to be grateful for and to share with each other, the things that you're thankful for.

Several years ago, Jerry, myself and a large group of other people were inspired by the Anthony Robbins foundation to get involved with a process around the Thanksgiving holiday that was called, "The Basket Brigade. And I wanted to invite you to come to the forum and take a look in our section regarding the "Basket Brigade" and also a second project called, "Friends in Need".

Now you don't have to do this right around the Thanksgiving Holiday. That's when we do it here. The whole idea behind this is about contributing to others. Reaching out to those, who are less fortunate. The Basket Brigade is just one example of how to truly make an impact in your community.Actually, the last time we did this as a team here in New Jersey, we collected enough money and enough food to feed almost 1,000 families who were really struggling. They wouldn't have had a Thanksgiving dinner without this team reaching out.

Now, I am not asking you to take on that type of project. To reach that number of families we had hundreds of volunteers involved. What we describe in the forum is a way you alone, or maybe you can invite some of your friends to get involved and help support one or two maybe three families in your community.

The whole idea behind this is that we get asked quite often why is it that Jerry and I are so committed to just giving this stuff away for free. All this content we are creating. People keep telling us that they think there's got to be a catch.

I thought one of the things that may help people understand is by inviting you to contribute by doing your own Basket Brigade so you can experience that same feeling that we get from contributing to someone else with no strings attached.

The Basket Brigade is one approach and you can read about how specifically you can do that in the forums. And then the second one is called, "Friends in Need ".

Friends In Need is an organization started by another group ,of people here in New Jersey that are dear friends. Rather than once a year helping people out, this group goes out and feeds homeless people every single week. It is just an amazing story that is behind how they do this, and again, you can learn more about that in the forums under the section Friends In Need.

Again I'm not asking you to contribute to anything to us. I'm asking you to contribute in your own area and pay it forward to your own community.

So please, visit our forums, read about the Basket Brigade, read about Friends in Need, then share your stories with us there if you do choose to reach out in this way.

As always, I wish you the best. I look forward to hearing your results. See you again soon.

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