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It's almost time!
June 12, 2017

It's Almost Time!!!

In less than 24 hours the book launch begins! I can't thank you enough for joining me on this mission.

I'll keep this email short. If you haven't done so already please share the word with your personal and professional networks. The buying the book tomorrow the more probability we will hit #1 Internationally!

Here's an example of what I am asking you to send out or post to your social media.

Message for today or tonight...

To all my friends on social media! I'm asking you to help a friend of mine out. I've known Willard Barth for quite some time. He's been involved in the field of personal development for over 27 years and tomorrow, Tuesday 6/13 he's releasing a new book with the strategies he has used personally and with his clients to help them get amazing results. I want to help him get his book to #1 so I'm asking all of you who are interested in creating massive transformation in your lives to get ready. He's going to dramatically discount the cost of the book to ONLY $0.99 on the day it launches for 24 hours.

If you want to get an idea about the book he's making the first 3 chapters available for free. Go to and register to help him with the launch and he will send the chapters to you. #TAOT #TAOTBOOK


Then on Tuesday...

Hey everyone, time sensitive message here. Please help my friend Willard Barth push his book to being a #1 International best seller! Today 6/13 and today only he has discounted the book to ONLY $0.99! Not only is it a great deal but the information is extremely valuable!

For anyone who orders the book today, send Willard a PM and he will send you the specifics on a system that he has used to help people make tremendous transformations in just 90 days!

PLUS there are a ton of bonuses that you get when you buy the book that are inside! #TAOT #TAOTBOOK


With love and respect,

PS: Remember, If you are a business owner and are interested in one of the pro bono sessions I offer to discuss issues and opportunities in your business, email me here. No matter where you are in the world, I can do one of these sessions with you over Skype.

PPS: I am also looking to speak at educational institutions, professional organizations and associations. (Chamber Of Commerce, Small Business Associations etc.) If you are a part of one of these organizations contact me to discuss how we can work together to Transform your organization Speaking Inquiry.

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