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An Introduction to The Anatomy of Transformation - Your Daily Life Coach
September 28, 2015

Hi everyone!

If you have been following me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you have probably been seeing a lot about the new framework I am sharing with people called “The Anatomy Of Transformation”.

The idea for this new direction all started about 9 months ago when I was having a conversation with one of my business partners, and I was sharing with him about how I really wanted to get back out on the road and start speaking and how I really wanted to have a topic that would make an impact.

As many of you know, I’ve been doing mainly business consulting for quite awhile, almost 5 years now. But I really miss traveling, being in front of audiences and seeing that real transformation happening for people who are there with me in the crowd.

So my friend asked me, “What would you say has been the key lesson for you in your 26 years of experiences that have allowed you to go from where you were to where you are now? What you would say is the “core”, the “differentiator” that you share with the businesses and the individuals that you work with now?”

And after a lot of thought, a lot more conversation, I ended up coming to the realization that it has all been about transformation. It was about deciding that I was going to transform from where I was to where I desired to be. And sometimes, not even recognizing where either of those places were.

Change is Inevitable

Many years ago, somebody introduced me to this quote. They said: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” I thought, “That’s really true. It makes so much sense.” It resonated with me.

• Life changes. • We grow older. • Our health changes • Our relationships change • Our level of awareness changes • Our level of understanding changes • Business changes • Consumer taste changes • Trends chage • The economy changes. • Seasons change.

Change is inevitable. And growth truly is optional. But just because something changes, it does not mean that growth will automatically occur.


Transformation is a Choice

What I realized was, transformation is a choice. It is a conscious decision that you’re going to go from where you are to somewhere new. It’s a conscious decision to make your circumstances “better”.

As I started putting this framework together, I realized that I needed to look and learn more about why transformation was so important to me in my life. I also needed to see how it played such a key role with everyone that I worked with.

Transformation Defined

I asked myself, “What IS Transformation?” We hear the word transformation thrown around as this ambiguous word in conversations, seminars and books. Bu what does it really mean?

So I went to the dictionary. Webster’s defines transformation as: “A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.”

That gave a little more clarity, but it didn’t really answer my question. I didn’t feel that definition really got down to what I thought transformation was. Transformation is something more.

So I went to the root of the word “Transformation” to Transform. “To change something completely. Usually with intention in a good way.” And THAT really struck a chord. Because to me, it really meant what transformation was about. • Changing character. • Changing the foundation. • Changing the condition.

The Birth of the Anatomy of Transformation

All of a sudden, I was excited. That was the moment that The Anatomy of Transformation was born.

So, let me ask you. “Are you interested in transforming your life?”

• Transforming something in respect to your health. • In your relationships. • In your finances. • In your career. • Is there something you are looking to improve. • To grow. • To transform to something new. • Maybe you’re looking to transform your business. • You’re looking to start a business.

Or, you could have a business that, I’ll be sharing with you one of my clients. They were in business 30 years before they decided to transform their company.

Or maybe you’ve got bigger dreams. Maybe you’re looking to transform the world.

Well I invite you to stay tuned… The Anatomy of Transformation is coming and it will revolutionize the way you look at the world around you!

With love and respect,

PS: Remember, If you are a business owner and are interested in one of the pro bono sessions I offer to discuss issues and opportunities in your business, email me here. No matter where you are in the world, I can do one of these sessions with you over Skype.

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