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Another change of seasons as we recently celebrated "Memorial Day Weekend" here in the United States. Summer doesn't officially being until June 21st, but already you can sense a change in people's demeanor as they begin to spend more time outside and take short trips away from New York City.

As for me, May was a month of multiple trips to Pennsylvania as we prepared for my daughter's high school graduation. The ceremony was this past Friday and it was an absolute joy being there to watch my daughter as she transitions into this new phase of her life.

As for YDLC, we are also beginning a transition. Next week will be the final episode of SA 101 and Jerry and I will be meeting this Thursday to discuss what will be coming next. As you may have heard me mention in past articles and newsletters, one of the projects that we have been discussing is an interview series where I will sit down with others who are teachers in the field of personal development and self-awareness, as well as everyday people who have found their passion through becoming self-aware and are living lives that being fulfillment to themselves and those around them.

Another idea that Jerry and I have been discussing is an audio podcast series. Jerry has suggested that an audio podcast will allow our audience to take the lesson "on the road" with them and allow you to enjoy more without having to be in front of your computer. We've actually discussed the possibility of a couple of kinds of podcasts and would love your ideas. what would you like to hear? One idea I have been exploring is sort of an "audio journal" where I will record entries that deal with what I am currently working on and experiencing in my own life. Another idea is for topic specific podcasts which will be similar to the SA 101 structure, but rather than being limited by 10 minute videos, I could go into more detail.

There is so much I am working on at the moment that I want to share with you, but I also want to include an article this month especially for you, our subscribers, so I will cut this part short. But please do make sure to email me with any thoughts you have about what you would like to see us develop.

We Are One

Recently I had posted an inspirational quote on my Facebook page, actually if you enjoy inspirational quotes I have a twitter account that is set up to automatically send out inspirational quotes every hour or two and then on my Facebook page, I usually post one a day. I only do one there because my Facebook page has more of people that I interacting with personally. I invite you to follow me on Twitter, the account is the Warrior Sage or you can follow me on Facebook, as Willard Barth. You can either click on those links or just search for me and add me as a friend.

So as I was saying, recently I had posted a quote from Cardinal Neumann, that said "Growth is the only evidence of Life". I have posted around 100 of these kinds of quotes on my Facebook page in the past six months. Normally, I'll get a few people who make a comment like, “Wow, I really liked that one.” Or they will post another one that they really enjoy. But for some reason, this quote from Cardinal Neumann sparked a conversation that continued for days. I watched these comments as they continued to come in and couldn’t help but think, “This is amazing.” I think its wonderful how one simple statement can start such an impassioned dialogue.

The first person who responded was kind of defensive in their comment. They seemed to be offended that the quote said that “growth is the ONLY evidence of life.“ They then began listing all the things that they were arguing was “evidence” of life. It was really amazing to watch the feedback that was coming in response to their post. All of a sudden people started talking about being alive versus life and what it means to be alive. Then the dialogue switched into conversations about life, souls and consciousness.

After a day or so of this continuing I decided to offer a perception of my own from the conversation that had developed. I said that, “At the core of everything, is energy; and that energy is the source of life. Therefore, all things are alive.”

Where am I going with this? Well I thought it would be a great way to introduce another aspect of “Self-Awareness” into the site. Over the years I have come to believe that the core of everything is energy; and when you look deeper you will find that energy is the source of life. This kind of topic delves into a more spiritual area than the “101“ material that we have been producing for the SA 101 video series, but I believe is an important topic to explore in regard to becoming more self-aware.

The idea that we are all connected, we are all one is something that I am very passionate about. We have been taught to see separation in everything, separation from ourselves and other people, separation from ourselves and God; separation from ourselves and animals, separation from ourselves and our environment, separation from ourselves and everything in the universe. But every philosophy that you look at, every religion and every scientific community, even though science may disagree with each other in many areas, they all agree that underlying everything there is a field of energy.

The car that I am driving right now, the phone that I'm dictating this article into, the clothes that I'm wearing, the body that I exist in, the rocks that make up the planet that we're all living on, even the air that we are breathing. When you break it down to its very simplest and purest form, it is energy. Energy that makes up all these different things is the same energy that is vibrating at a different frequency.

When scientists examine this field of energy (The Zero Point Field) they have come to the conclusion that this field of energy is infinite. There is no separation between the energy that makes up the atoms of a helium atom or the energy of the hydrogen atom. Yes the atomic structure is different, but the energy that creates the atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons is the same core energy. This aligns with what I believe every religion teaches which is that there exists a creator, a "God", a source of intelligence and all things that is infinite.

Now I have created some controversy by saying this because many people have locked their Identity to the idea of separation. I often have discussions with people who are very committed to their religious views who challenge my perceptions on spirituality and life and try to persuade me to align with their way of thinking. The controversy seems to come up in these situations because I have a series of questions that I ask, and these questions normally do not normally go over too well.

The first question I ask, is " Do you believe that this God you are describing to me is infinite?" And the answer has always been, "Yes".

Then I ask, "Do you believe God is omnipotent? That God is all powerful?” And again the answer has always been, "Yes".

I continue with asking, "Do you believe God is omnipresent? That God everywhere?” And as you would imagine, again the answer is, “Yes”.

I continue with another three or four questions all referring to the idea that the God they are discussing is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, all powerful and that there is nothing more powerful than the God they are describing.

The next part is what usually ends the conversation. After having them tell me that God is infinite, all powerful, all present etc. I say to them, "Then you're telling me, that your God is Satan?" (Yes, I have made a lot of people really angry with that statement, but hear me out.)

I pause. And it usually doesn’t take long before they start getting nasty with me. It is not my intention to simply make them mad, but to “shock” their way of thinking. When we have created such a strong belief that something has become our Identity, many times we will never open ourselves to another possibility unless something really “shakes us up”.

The point that I am trying to make in that moment is how can you have it both ways?

If God is infinite, all powerful and present in all places, how can there be any part of the universe where God is not?

When we begin to recognize that what we label “God” or the creative source is present in all things, that God is everywhere, infinite and truly omnipotent, then we begin to respect our environment in a completely new way. When we accept this concept we begin to respect other people in a new way, we start respect other peoples opinions in a new way because we realize that there is no difference, there is no separation between you and I. We are one. When you accept that there is no separation between you and God, this energy that makes up all things, this life force, this creative intelligence, you then recognize that is it possible that God experiencing itself through our perceived separateness. A saying that I like to use is ,"We are like the nerve endings, on the fingertips of God".

Also I usually stay away from using the word "God" because it is one of those words that has a very powerful association for people. When you say it to someone, they have very specific images, feelings, sounds and meanings that they have connected to that word. These connections are so powerful that often the person holding these perceptions has become so locked into that single perception, any other perception is just not possible. So I usually stay away from using that word to allow people to be open to exploring even the smallest possibility of what I am talking about.

I know the perception I had been given as a child was very strong for me for many years. Whenever someone said the word, "God", the image that I saw were the images that I had been shown in the church that I grew up with. Maybe you are familiar with the image. I imagined that God was in human form, an old man with a white beard and robe sitting in judgment over all he had created. And I had all these associations to what that one word meant.

What I want to I invite you to do is to start questioning your idea of separation. No matter what your religious beliefs are what happens when you remove the idea of everything being separate? If you believe that God is “infinite” then what separates the energy that is present in you, from the energy that is present in your enemy? If you were to remove the idea of separation, how might you treat others differently? How might you treat your environment differently? What may change in the way that you perceive yourself?

If this idea is a bit too esoteric, let’s shift to a very simplistic practical point of view. In this physical world you are connected still connected to everyone, and everything. If you are sitting in a car listening to this, or if you are sitting on a chair at your computer reading this, your butt is connected to the clothing that is connected to the chair you're sitting on that is connected to the floor that is in your building that is connected to the building that is connected to the planet and everybody else that is on this planet even if they're jumping up in the air at the moment or they are flying in a plane, they are connected to the air molecules that are connected to the earth's surface. There is no separation.

Think about it. I’ll be sharing more on this idea next month.

I look forward to your feedback. I look forward to connecting. Take Care.

Here is what we released last month.

May 2010

Coming in June

As family birthdays and graduation have now passed, I will be posting more articles this month than I did in April and May. I've already prepped web pages to release on more of my book "The Warrior Sage Sacred Scars", as well as articles from Loren Slocum and Coach Joel. We'll be working on the podcast idea as well as new videos and I will keep you up to date on all that.

As always, I look forward to your feedback, your suggestions and I look forward to connecting again soon.

Until next time...

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