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Here is the article I promised you from our March Newsletter. I'll save all the "updates" for the April Newsletter. (If you missed the first newsletter you can view it here)

One thing I would like to ask, is your understanding as I amend a comment that I made in my last email referring to articles like this one that I will be sending to those of you on the mailing list. I mentioned in the last email that I would be creating articles that would not be posted to the site and only distributed here. As I was working on this article, I was struggling a bit because as I wrote, I kept thinking that "This info is valuable for the people who visit the site also." But, I also made a commitment to you, the members of our newsletter, that I would provide articles for you, that were not on the site.

What I would like to amend is this. I will be keeping my word of providing you with quality articles in the monthly newsletter, and would like to ask your permission to then share those articles publicly on the site at a later date. This will give you "advanced" access to these articles, and others who visit the site will still gain value as you have.

If anyone would strongly object since I did make the commitment to not release these publicly, I would respect that and keep my commitment to you.

So with that said, let's get to the article for March!

What's Next

When we started creating the YDLC site, one of the things that we wanted to develop is to create articles related to what I'm experiencing currently in my life. Until now, there has been a lot of information that I have been sharing in the Self-Awareness 101 videos and the articles that deal with personal development and human behavior skills and strategies. But one of the things that we believed would create value for our visitors that I haven't done much of yet is discuss what I am learning at the moment and the things that I am working at overcoming now in my life.

As Jerry and I discussed creating the site, we wanted it to be videos and articles that would inspire, educate and empower people. I knew that we would be discussing skills and strategies I used to overcome things in my past, but I also wanted it to be a continuation of my personal journey. I know that what has always gotten me the most excited has been a combination of studying skills and strategies, but also working with people who were going through the process at that moment. There is something unique about having the opportunity to be "with" someone on the journey. I believe that it is a great opportunity to learn from the experiences that someone is having as they share what specifically they are doing to improve an area of their lives or overcome an obstacle. It gives us a unique opportunity. Rather than just seeing the "coach" we get to truly know the person.

So along with lessons I have learned from past experiences, I'm going to share where I am now and the specific areas that I have chosen to work on improving as well as the tools I will use for improving them. I'm sure I will make mistakes along the way, and I will be sharing those also because that is also how we learn.

There are actually many things that I am involved in studying at the moment. There is a course from David DeAngelo that is called " Man Transformation and Your Deep Inner Game". It is a program designed to help men become more in touch with their core masculine energy and in doing so, become more in touch with who they truly are. The intention is that by tapping into our "inner game", we become more powerful in our lives overall. We become better fathers, better businessmen, better contributors to society. It also is a course designed to help men improve their relationships. This is an area that I am committed to improving in my life, meaning my intimate relationships, my family relationships, business relationships... all relationships actually. I believe that there are many areas in respect to relationships where I can raise my standards.

Along with learning new ideas, there is part of the deep inner game where David touches on a lot of skills and strategies that I am already aware of, but as with every teacher they have a unique approach that often allows you to hear these concepts presented in a new way that makes you think, "Wow, I never thought of approaching it that way." So not only will I share my own journey, but distinctions on "old" approaches that may also help you on your journey.

So that is one area that I'm currently focused on raising my personal standards and I will be sharing things that I learn as well as ideas that it sparks.

Another area that I'm focusing on is increasing my financial abundance. Right now the majority of my income is earned through DJ'ing. Although it is a very rewarding career, my desire is to transition back to the place where speaking and performing my own music will be my main income source. This will include generating income from the website. The website has been, and continues to be a labor of love. And we do intend to generate income from it in the future. Not by charging people for the articles or for the content, but through recommending products that we have personally used and believe in and also products that I will personally create.

My goal for this year is to get the website generating revenue. Since we are still in the process of building traffic to the site, I have not set any specific goals yet, but as we begin to share recommended products, learn what kind of response there is and reach specific outcomes, then I will share what specifically is happening in that journey also. I will share exactly how we are doing it. The tools that we use to make it happen and the results that we achieve. I will be doing this because I want to be transparent in this journey. In the Self-Awareness 101 video I talked specifically about giving this content away for free and that continues to be my intention. Jerry and I want to give 100 percent value in everything we create. And we also want to let you know that this is also a business. As a business we are looking to generate revenue so that Jerry and I can dedicate more time to developing more quality content. Again content on the site will remain 100 percent free; meaning the articles and videos.

There are some different ideas that we are exploring to generate revenue. We are discussing a members area where we would release content earlier for people who are members. That content will still make its way out into the public forum, but at a later time. But for the people who will become members that want to help support us we want to give them advanced access to that content. People have already been asking for DVD's of the Self-Awareness 101 series and we are going to make that available. The reason that I am sharing all of this with you is that as we progress, I'm going to share the journey of how this process is working for us. I want to do this because I believe that there are a lot of people out there who want to create something in their lives. There is something that they are passionate about, but they don't have any idea of how they can leave their bread and butter job to be able to do the thing that they have a passion for.

So in an effort to inspire people to expand their own horizons, we are going to share our journey and how it works for us. I'll be sharing the way that we generate traffic and the way that we generate revenue to give you insights into how you may actually do something like this yourself if you choose to.

I truly believe in the power of "modeling", meaning find people who are successful at doing what you want to do, and model their approach. That is the same way that I got started in doing this website. After I made the decision that I wanted to publish quality content and create a community of people supporting people, I looked at who was successful already at what I wanted to achieve. Not that I was going to "copy" their site, but to learn what they are doing that makes them successful and model their approach. As an example, when Jerry and I had our first meeting about creating SA 101, Jerry asked if I had ever heard of Steve Pavlina. I had visited his site once when I was looking for affiliates for the software I had created, but never really looked deeply into his content. Jerry shared with me how Steve blogs regularly about personal development, and also shares his own personal journey. So I began following Steve's posts and have learned much from him and his approach.

Jerry is also a big fan of a site called Zen Habits for much of the same reason. These are people who provide amazing, quality content. There sites generate revenue, but it is not because of advertisements all over their site. They have the same belief that I do, which is the best way to do business is creating quality content, creating relationships with your audience and then being able to recommend products that you believe in or create yourself. Through following that business model, a percentage of your audience purchases those products and you generate your income, while still providing tremendous value for people who choose to just use the visit the site to gain information.

I will get into more details about all that in other articles. For now I just wanted to touch base and tell you more about what I am going to be sharing with you. You can still expect coaching style articles and videos sharing skills and strategies from what I have learned in the past, but I am also going to be sharing with you my own personal developments and personal explorations because just like you I am continuing on my own journey and as I do, I learn more about myself, I grow constantly and I want to share that growth with you.

So I look forward to your insights as we all progress. I know that you can inspire me and that you can introduce me to things that will help me in my own journey.

Until next time...

With Love and Respect,


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