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Welcome to the first edition of the Your Daily Life Coach Newsletter! I know that for some of you, it has been several months since you first signed up for the newsletter and I thank you for your patience. I have been so busy putting up content that I just have not set aside the time to create the newsletter until now. I'm happy to announce that as of this first issue we already have over 150 pages of content on the YDLC website!

I want to thank you for signing up for the YDLC Newsletter and let you know that as we move forward you can expect a new issue about once a month. My intention for the time being will be to keep you updated on the material that has been posted over the previous month, share an article that will only be available via the newsletter, let you know what we are working on for the future and ask you for your feedback and ideas regarding future projects. Based on your input, that may change over time. I intend for this to be a collaborative experience.

Occasionally I will send you an email specifically asking for your feedback on an idea for an upcoming project to see if it is something you want us to create. As an example, Jerry and I are preparing to film interviews where I will sit down with other authors, coaches and everyday people who created amazing impact in their lives and the lives of others. When we do something like this I'll be sending out an email asking you what kind of people you would like to see interviewed, as well as what specific questions you would like me to ask.

So let's get caught up...

February was an amazing month. We have been continuing to add material from The Creative Thinking Coach, Joel Remde and added a new contributing author who is also a dear friend Loren Slocum. Loren has a 52 Week Tuneup Challenge that we are posting where she offers simple "tuneups" that can have a dramatic impact when you allpy them.

I have also been continuing to post chapters from my first book The Warrior Sage; Sacred Scars as a response to people wanting to know more about my own journey of Self-Awareness.

Finally February saw us release 5 new episodes of Self-Awareness 101 bringing us up to Episode 37.

Here is a full list of what we released in Feb.

February 2010

And here are some of the things that we have coming up...

In response to questions from you, we have 2 more SA 101 Episodes that will address those subjects.

The first is a video addressing "Dealing With Your Anger". A young gentleman had posted in the forums that he would like us to share some resources for dealing with anger and how to learn to respond to situations in a healthier way.

The next one "Increasing Self-Awareness" will address comments that mainly have been on the YouTube channels suggesting that people focusing on "self" is why we are in the global mess that we are in and asking why I believe that self-awareness is so important.

I've been dedicating a lot of time recently to working on new articles that will keep you posted on my current journey of self-awareness. I will be releasing one on a health commitment that I will be making, as well as a commitment for making some transitions in my life to allow me to dedicate more time to creating content for the web site.

I'm also spending time reviewing material from other coaches and authors who may have their material published on the site. My commitment to you in reviewing potential contributors is that they are going to provide you with top quality content and that you can trust their recommendations.

Because this email is a bit long to begin with, I'm going to put together the article for you in a separate email that I will send later this week. This will be an article that will not be published on the site, but only for you our subscribers.

And finally... speaking of something that will only be available to you, our friends who have subscribed to the YDLC Newsletter... Jerry and I are working on a video that will only be for available to you. It is called "The 7 Keys To Success And Fulfillment". This is going to be longer than our usual videos probably around 20 minutes. We are creating it as something to offer future subscribers as an incentive to sign up for the newsletter, and as soon as it is finished we will make sure that you get a link to it before we share it with anyone else.

I truly appreciate you joining us on this journey and look forward to where it takes us all.

Until next time...

With Love and Respect,


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