Hi everyone!

In many of the recent articles I have been sharing what is happening in my journey right now. So I wanted to send out this newsletter with the intention of finding out what specifically you would like to see me create for you both on the site and here in the newsletter.

I know that I have not been sending out emails regularly, I had mentioned in one of my previous newsletters that I did not feel that I was giving the value that you deserved when I was trying to "push" content to you. So I decided to stop sending out the newsletters on a monthly basis.

But, as I am progressing on my own journey, I am also realizing that I am not fully serving you at the highest level by not reaching out on a more regular basis. The last actual newsletter I sent out was in November. I believe that you signed up for this newsletter because you see the value in what I have shared on the site and that you want to stay connected, as well as be informed.

So, I am sending this out to let you know that I am still here... still alive... and working on ideas of how to provide you with the value that you desire and deserve. I believe that one of the best ways to do that is going to ask you.

My concern is that in the past I have reached out to people on the newsletter list looking for feedback and suggestions and have rarely gotten any response. So when that happens, I question if people are even reading the emails. Or more to the point, if the content or questions I am asking have any value.

It's a little awkward because I created the site in a way that to simply deliver material to people who want it. But in doing so it is not designed to give me feedback on whether those visitors are getting the value I intend for them or not.

So, to help me serve the community I really want to reach out to you, those of you who have raised your hands and said that you want to know more via the newsletter, for help in guiding the direction of this site and newsletter.

What would you like to see more of?

What do you get the most value from?

What would you like to see the newsletter include that may be different from what you get on the website?

Is there a way that you may want to contribute?

Please know how much I value your feedback and input. Feel free to reply to willard@yourdailylifecoach.com

With love and Respect Willard

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