Hi everyone and Happy Holidays!

It’s been quite a while since I have sent out a newsletter. It’s actually also been a while since I have added any content to the site. Let me just say that the past few months have been quite busy on many levels. As I begin posting new articles on the site I will be exploring some of what has transpired, and what I see in the near future as my personal path. For now, I wanted to reach out wish everyone an amazing holiday season.

Here in the United States we just celebrated my favorite holiday which is Thanksgiving. I don’t know if my initial love for Thanksgiving was because I grew up in a mountain region where we would experience the change of seasons and my memories of the vibrant fall colors impacted me, or maybe it was the crisp cool air and the anticipation of football season being in full swing. Maybe it was because I simply love the stuffing that my Grandmother would prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner.

As I grew older and progressed on my journey, I began noticing a different reason that I enjoyed Thanksgiving. I started to become more aware of the subtle energies that surround us. As I became more aware of this energy, I also became more sensitive to noticing when it would shift. We all have this ability, but most of us are so caught up in daily “life” that we have really de-sensitized ourselves to these subtle changes. If there is a MAJOR shift we will feel it, but the small changes we often miss.

What I began to notice as I was learning more about this subtle energy is that one of the greatest shifts in energy comes from the emotion of gratitude. That intensity increases even more when there is no intention of trying to “get something” by doing the right thing. When you really think about that kind of gratitude you find that it is pure and shifts everything into a place of peace.

I began to recognize throughout Thanksgiving day when so many people were taking the time to be grateful that I would feel extremely peaceful; and it wasn’t just because I was personally focusing on being thankful, but I believe it was a part of the mass consciousness that was affecting the way I was feeling.

If you can take a moment and imagine how many people at each moment are focusing on gratitude throughout that 12-16 hour period of time, even if you only think about people here in the United States who are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I think you can begin to see how having that many people focused on a single emotion, gratitude, could shift the energy of everyone and everything around them.

For some people this may seem too “woo woo” or “out there”. But, being that I am also one of those analytical types when it comes to these kinds of things, let me assure you that there are numerous scientific studies that support how our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions affect things outside of ourselves.

And may I interject here, how grateful I am at this moment to be in the flow of creating content again. I was feeling quite overwhelmed and uninspired the past couple of months.

I was looking back and noticed that the last article I had written for the web site was on August 17th. I really hadn’t realized how much time has passed. There has been so much happening in so many areas of my life that the time seems to have raced by.

August was a month filled with preparing my daughter for college, as well as embarking on a new business partnership in Real Estate investing.

September brought changes to my job as a DJ which had me re-evaluating all things in my life from a financial standpoint including determining if I should end one of my other business partnerships.

October continued with the focus on financial aspects of my life as the DJ position continued to change, I decided to end the business partnership I mentioned and I also decided to hire a care-giver to come in and help with my 84 year old mother 3 days a week.

During this time, I would sit down and start to write a new article, or begin recording a podcast and nothing was seeming to work. The ideas were incomplete, it seemed more like I was “venting” rather than creating something of value so I would step away from the article and try coming back a few days later to find myself facing the same frustrations.

During this time Jerry and I continued to meet for our Master Mind sessions where we discuss what we are each working on and share ideas on how to move forward on our personal and professional projects. I have to share that I have gotten amazing value from those conversations, if you are not part of a Master Mind, I really suggest you explore creating one for yourself.

Although our discussions helped me gain a lot of clarity in respect to what was happening with me, I still could not seem to get myself to take the next step with YDLC. I struggled with questions about what direction to take things and if I was truly providing value, or if I was just doing all this to stroke my own ego.

As I have discussed before, I have some big intentions for the site, creating a community and in the long term generating revenue through recommending products and programs that I believe in. But for the time being I was stuck in what the next step should be.

I’m happy to say that last night I overcame the “block” that was keeping me from getting started with the next phase of YDLC. I recorded the first two audio podcasts and look forward to releasing them in the next week. For the moment, I do not have a name for this series, and I am still working on deciding the direction I will move in. But I felt I needed to do “something”.

For the time being, I am going to be sharing how I am dealing with some of the personal and professional challenges that I am having and share the solutions that I find along the way with you.

It’s an ongoing journey and a constant evolution. I’m sure the site and the podcasts will change over time, but my core intention which is to provide information that will Inspire, Educate and Empower will always remain.

I wish you and your family an amazing holiday season. May the New Year see all of your greatest dreams and desires become a reality.

With love and Respect Willard

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