Achieving Higher Consciousness

Self-Awareness 101 Episode 48: Achieving Higher Consciousness

In this episode Willard explores how many of us find ourselves achieving a different level of consciousness, a higher consciousness that connects us with others and our Universe in a new way as we progress in this journey of self-awareness.

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Today we are going to discuss achieving higher consciousness.

I wanted to start off today’s episode, in case I haven’t said it before, by saying thank you. You are what has made this series possible and successful. We have just released our 48th episode and are coming closer to the end of the Self-Awareness 101 series. But again as I have shared in precious episodes our communications aren’t going to end with the end of this series. We are going to be creating new series which will continue to expand on some of the ideas and the things we have already talked about in the Self-Awareness 101 series.

And if you are just joining us for the first time on this video, Welcome! Glad to have you with us and I thank you also for choosing to join us.

Today I want to share a little bit about achieving higher consciousness in relation to how the journey of self-awareness leads many of us to that place of understanding that there is much more than we originally imagined. My own journey of self-awareness started out for very selfish reasons as you may of heard me mention in previous videos. It was all about stopping my own insanity because my life had become so chaotic and filled with turmoil. The quest for self-awareness was really about just finding a way to get through the day and maintain a sense of sanity. Over time that journey transformed into something much more. It became a way of achieving higher consciousness and lead to a new way of interacting with everything that was around me. I believe that transition came from exploring all the different skills we have shared in this series. It started when I was beginning to more deeply explore my belief systems, when I truly began to realize that I am the person that chooses toattach meaning to anything that happens in my life, it came from learning tobecome a better listener, it came from exploring meditation. By going through all those processes I found myself becoming more self-aware, but I also found myself achieving higher consciousness and becoming more Universally aware.

What I mean by that is that I started understanding the things I had heard about when I was a child but didn’t really understand. As I began achieving higher consciousness it simply made sense to me how we are connected and I don’t just mean as human beings I mean with our environment, with the plants and animals, with the air, with the water.

For those of you who have seen other episodes of Self-Awareness 101 you may of heard me reference how the beginning of my journey came from looking at and exploring Native American approaches to living. I was fascinated by it. I actually have a little bit of Native American blood in my heritage, and when I got to that point in questioning the things I had been taught about religion and spirituality. Many things did not align with my perception of the world. Then someone had asked me, “What do you believe in? What makes sense to you when it comes to higher consciousness and spirituality and these types of things?”

When they asked me these questions, the first thing I thought about was my understanding of Native American approaches to living. What I had come to learn was that they had a respect for everything. They believed that everything was connected and that no plant, no animal was too small or too insignificant to be acknowledged for its contribution to their life. They also believed that they were in no greater position than any other living thing. They would not disrespect any other being or plant or energy for it being less involved in their health, or their growth as a human, as an entity, as a community.

That approach to life fascinated me. Did you know that before Native Americans would plant that they would bless the seeds and pray to the Gods, the multiple gods that they had, to bless the planting and bring the harvest? Then they would bless the plants before they would harvest them thanking their Gods for the bounty, but also acknowledging that these plants were giving up their “life force” to contribute to the tribe and they would thank not only th Gods, but the plants for that contribution. They saw everything in the world as being connected. That the world around them was designed to contribute to them and they were designed to contribute back.

Now the logical side of my brain would struggle with just accepting these ancient perceptions of the world. It made “sense“, but I needed more substance for me to believe in this “interconnected Universe“. So I began to look for scientific explanations for these kinds of things. I started exploring the foundation of what I knew about since by looking at what I had learned in high school. I had been taught in high school science that if you look at everything when it is broken down into its simplest form; beyond protons, neutrons and electrons at its most basic form it is energy. Then I started exploring Newtonian Physics and Quantum Physics and Zero Point Field theory. Trust me I did not study these enough to become an expert in any of those fields, I just looked at them to question what I believed in and what I didn’t believe in. And these all confirmed what I was beginning to believe about life. All thigns are connected, and as I began achieving higher consciousness

One of the things that has led to the biggest breakthroughs in my journey of self-awareness has been the compelling drive to question everything. I no longer take things at face value of what people tell me I should believe and I encourage you to do the same. Question everything. Question what I tell you. Look into it, explore it, as yourself how it impacts you? What resonates with you and what doesn’t? Question everything in your life. Question your belief systems. Question how you perceive the world. Question what you’ve been taught about your culture, society, government and your religion.

When you question everything, it leads to so many new possibilities. It can lead you to gaining more certainty in some of the beliefs that you have because you are no longer just taking it blindly. Havign asked the questions you can actually believe it with certainty and congruency. When someone asks you, “Why do you believe that?” You can answer them with specifics and say, “The reason I believe it is…” And you share with them the reasons that you believe… boom, boom, and boom. You can express yourself with conviction because you have thoroughly questioned it.

There are also going to be times when asking these questions are going to change your perception completely. The things you discover may be about your belief systems about yourself or about the things that you were taught do not serve you. It maybe about your perceptions or the model of the world. And that it is ok to change them. I know that this can be scary at times but achieving higher consciousness is about becoming more truly aware of yourself and how you to interact with the rest of society, with the rest of the world.

I also want to say that my beliefs don’t have to be yours. I do believe that we are interconnected with everything. That everything we do to hurt our environment hurts us and hurts everyone else on the planet. I do believe that there are things that we are taught, culturally, religiously, from our governments even from our parents that are BS and they don’t serve us in growing into the people that we truly have the capability be. But you don’t have to believe those things.

I just want to share with you that as you begin achieving higher consciousness, you are going to open yourself up to new possibilities, to new ways at looking at things and I invite you to fully explore it.

There is no specific exercise for this week’s episode. What I really wanted to accomplish in this episode was to refer back to some of the earlier episodes we have done that you may have watched or if you are new, may not be aware of yet.

Take a moment and ask yourself if you have already experienced how questioning things leads you to achieving higher consciousness. Have you noticed that by exploring your belief systems, by doing some of the basic meditation exercises, by looking at the judgments that you place on yourself and others, or by understanding what fear is and how you deal with fear that it has taken you beyond that selfish point of self-awareness and started moving you into achieving higher consciousness?

And as you begin achieving higher consciousness are you starting to recognize that when you are communicating with another person that listening is more important than you used to think it was? When you are getting ready to choose what you’re going to do with that garbage; are you just going to throw it out the window of your car? Or are you actually going to be more responsible with it?

Has this journey of self-awareness lead you to achieving higher consciousness in those areas. I’m not talking about you turning into a yogi or a guru. I’m just curious what has happened for you at this point.

Again there is no exercise for this week but I do invite you to stop by the forums and share with us what has transpired for you at this point in your journey. And if you are just joining us stop by and introduce yourself.

As always I look forward to your feedback on this episode of achieving higher consciousness. I look forward to connecting again soon. Take care. 

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