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Joel’s newsletter on Creative Apps, November 18, 2009

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The other day I was in a meeting in a conference room. Suddenly the lights went out. There were no windows in this room, so it became pitch black. A friend of mine who was in the meeting pulled out her iPhone, tapped the screen a bit, and then held it over her head. The screen glowed and cast a pale light over the conference table, just enough so we could continue working. In a few minutes the power came on again. I jokingly asked, "was that one of those many iPhone apps?" "Yes," she replied, "it's called Light."

Yes, you can actually use your iPhone like a flashlight, one of thousands of applications available for this device. Did you know that with your iPhone you can also learn to cook, find restaurants near you, download and read books like a Kindle, tune an instrument, talk to Google, identify songs on a nearby radio, compose music, get real-time sports scores, finger-paint, make panoramic photos, (and find your way in the dark)?

I'm impressed not only with the number of iPhone apps out there (over 50,000 and growing ), but also with the creativity goes into them. Now this article isn't a commercial for the iPhone or any of the many applications available for it. This is about creativity and creative thinking.

Every once in a while a tool or platform comes along that opens up a whole new world of creative possibility. It's like a greenhouse where all kinds of seeds, previously dormant, come to life and grow into amazing forms. Having creative thinking skills is certainly useful, but it's also necessary to have a medium or platform in which to express all that creative potential. The iPhone is such a platform. Look at all the ideas that this one device spawned.

This got me thinking, what are some other examples of creative media and tools? I came up with a few different categories, each of which opens up a world of its own.

Technology has given us the printing press, the typewriter, the camera, the personal computer, programming languages, and now the iPhone.

There are artistic media - musical instruments, theater, motion picture, canvas, as well as basic tools, such as paints, brushes, carving tools, scissors, pens.

Language, in its many forms, is a creative medium.

You could also get down to the very basics of nature - light, sound, molecules, DNA - the stuff that everything is made of.

These are only a few examples. Are there media that we haven't even discovered yet? I'm sure there are. The real genius is not only in creating new apps, but in discovering or inventing a whole new platform, or taking something ordinary and using it as a new medium (e.g. remember popsicle sticks). Perhaps our creativity would soar if only we could find the right medium to express our talents.

Have you found the medium to fully express your creativity? Please contact me at or 973-701-1007 and to arrange for a complimentary consultation.

Creativity tip

Surround yourself with tools of creativity. You're more likely to express your creativity when you have easy access to the tools and medium you need. If you like to write, you can keep a pad or laptop handy. An artist would keep a sketch pad available. A composer would probably have a piano in their home. An iPhone app developer would have the necessary software tools on their computer, as well as an iPhone itself!

There are even tools for creative thinking, such as mind mapping software, idea management tools, brainstorming guides, and books of creative thinking techniques. I'll say more about some of these in future issues of Perspectives.

Quote of the week

"There's an old story about the person who wished his computer was as easy to use as his telephone. That wish has come true, since I no longer know how to use my telephone." - Bjarne Stroustrup

This humorous quote about technology tells me that everything evolves, and we must evolve with it, or we'll be out of touch and out of date. But when we are able to keep up, life continues to be exciting and rewarding, based on our new abilities. Our world of creative possibilities can also evolve.

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