April 30, 2015 - Learn How to Get What You Want! Discover the Secrets to Succeed! With Lisa Lieberman-Wang and Willard Barth

You’re invited to a wonderful evening of possibilities. Join us for a WORKSHOP in NJ on Thursday, April 30th to Learn How to Get What You Want! Discover the Secrets to Succeed!

Looking for the tools to create even more success in your life now? Want to feel even better about yourself and get more of what you want?

Are you successful in some areas but not with yourself? Do you have a hard time getting out of your own way sometimes? Do you have a hard time measuring up to your own standards? Then join us and learn how to change all that.

Stop feeling not good enough, out of control and trying to Be perfect. Learn what’s causing you to hold onto the stories, limiting beliefs and weight. Learn why positive thinking, will power, therapy and self-help books alone don’t work alone!

Learn how to get what you want by changing your beliefs.

Guest Speaker: Lisa Lieberman-Wang

#1 BestSelling Author, FINE to FAB, Breakthrough Expert, Creator
Neuro-Associative Programming (NAP), International Speaker, Entrepreneur

You will be equipped with:

• Practical strategies to stop self-sabotaging

• Understanding your limiting beliefs

• Identifying the root of your limitations

• Feeling better about yourself immediately

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“The Anatomy of Success”

It has been said that “Success leaves clues”. Therefore there if
you have succeeded in transforming any area of your life in the
past, there is a set of organizing principles that allowed you to
achieve that transformation. Once you have discovered the
organizing principles or the “anatomy” of your success, you can
create those results again and again!

Guest Speaker: Willard Barth is a Successful International Business
Consultant, Coach and Professional Speaker. Trainer and Facilitator
of Transformation, Influence and Leadership. He is also the Creator
and Host of Self-Awareness 101.

In this introduction to The Anatomy of Success you will learn about
“The 7 Phases of Success” and how each phase impacts the
next. By understanding these phases you will be able to understand
what needs to happen for you to take control of the direction of your
personal and professional life and also be able to use the principles
you will learn to lead others.

By mastering The Anatomy of Success…

·  You will be able to live your life with confidence and certainty born
   of your own experience.

·  You will be the kind of person who leads by example and inspires
   others to be their best selves.

·  You will spend more time living a life of achievement and fulfillment
   by knowing which phase you are currently in and what you need to
   do to grow and transform.

·  You will develop the habit of constantly raising the standards you live
   at which will create never ending possibilities for your life and the        lives of those around you.

·  You will become a part of a culture of support and a community that
   goes on long after the transformation has ended.

·  You will be a part of making one of the greatest contributions that
   one human being can make to another… helping them reach their        true potential.

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Location: Fairfield NJ
Time: April 30th, 2015  7-10pm

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