Take Massive Authentic Action

Take authentic action now that you have identified your first steps and gotten together the resources you need to achieve your goals.

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Day 7: Take Authentic Action - Work First Steps Hard! Now it’s time to start taking “Massive Authentic Action”. This is the point where many people begin getting busy. They’re ready to get started, but for some reason they start doing all the “little things” that really don’t help them make any progress.

Change can be scary. Change is not always easy. And to achieve your outcome, you are going to have to change many things. You will need to change your habits, your focus, your routines and your self. The things we have been working on so far have been about giving you the foundation to begin the journey. Now it is time to start taking massive action. Many times, even with the greatest planning, when the time comes to move forward people will sabotage their success by getting “busy” but not taking what I call “authentic action”. As an example, a sales person may know that they need to make a specific number of calls per day. And when they sit down at their phone, instead of picking up the phone and making calls, they will say to themselves, “You know what, I bet I will be much more productive at making these calls if I clean up my desk first.” Then after they clean up their desk they will think, “I’ll be more effective at making these calls if I get a new customer management software and load my prospects into that.”

Granted, these steps may help you get to your outcome. But ask yourself, is it truly authentic action you are taking? Or are you just doing something to “feel busy”?

The key distinction that needs to be made is that you are not just taking action for the sake of taking action, but that you are taking “authentic and intelligent” action. When you focus on authentic and intelligent action, 20% of your actions will bring 80% of your results!

Review your journal and look at the list of “First Steps”. Now start looking at them and ask yourself, “Which of these steps are really going to move me forward, versus just making me feel like I’m busy?”

On every “to do” list there are always things that are “necessary” and things that are just going to make us feel like we are doing something. Now is the time to pick the steps that are going to gain the most momentum for you. No more “making lists” or “preparing”. We will review and make adjustments along the way. Now is a call to authentic action! As an example, do not spend all of your time planning. Lay down your first steps and get moving. Busy work of planning, or setting up an office or buying the workout clothes are not steps that get you to your goal.

List the steps that you know, if you took them RIGHT NOW, would take you directly towards your goal making HUGE progress!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step….and then another…and another. These are the fundamentals that will get you to your goal. Take that first step of authentic action NOW! 

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