The Be-Do-Have Paradigm Shift

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Day 14: The Be-do-have paradigm Have you ever noticed that most people live with a do-have-be perspective of life? Meaning that they believe that if they “do” the right things, they will “have” what they desire and only then will they “be” the person who deserves those things. That can be related to material achievements, but also in regard to relationships, health even emotional states that they wish to experience.

Let me give you an example. Do you know anyone who has set a goal for themselves, maybe it is a goal like getting a specific kind of relationship. So they set out and “do” what they believe will help them find that “perfect mate”. They do things like go on dates, sign up for internet dating sites and follow all the dating advice they can in an effort to “have” the relationship that they desire; believing that this specific relationship will allow them to “be” happy. Many people take it beyond just being happy and attach a whole list of things that they will “be” when they finally have that perfect relationship. They will “be” successful, loving, loyal, open, compassionate, a good lover and a good partner.

What would happen if you shifted the paradigm to be-do-have? By “being” happy, successful, loving, loyal, open, compassionate, a good lover and a good partner you will begin “doing” things differently which will allow you to “have” things you never would have had if you were running the process as a do-have-be paradigm.

Act “as if” your goal has already been achieved!

This one simple shift could change everything in your life!

Most people operate on this belief system. “If I do what I need to do, I’ll get what I want to have, then I can be the person I’ve always dreamed of being”. If a person continues to operate on that belief system, I can guarantee you they will struggle 100% of the time, and fail the majority of the time.

The person you have been, is not going to think, act and react in a way that is going to get you to your goal. Change the process… Be the person who you would be if you already had achieved your goal, then you will do the things that a successful person would do, which will allow you to have exactly what you want.

Begin today to act, to live, to be the person you would be if you had already achieved your goal. How would you carry yourself? What would you focus on? How would you treat yourself? How would you treat other people? What would your relationships be like? How would you look at finances? What would you be doing to be healthy? Begin “Being” NOW! 

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