Here is a list of what I believe to be the best personal development books across a broad spectrum of topics:

My suggestions of what I believe are some of the best personal development books. Over the past 20+ years, my life has been focused on learning everything I can about personal and spiritual development. This has covered the full spectrum of improving my mental, emotional, physical, financial, business and relationship health. I have read or listened to somewhere over 400 books. Below is a list of what I believe are some of the best personal development books and products available based on the personal benefit I have gained from using them.

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I hope that you benefit as greatly as I have if you do choose to take any of my recommendations.


Napoleon Hill
(The very First and best personal development books I have ever read)
Think and Grow Rich 

Anthony Robbins
Unlimited Power 
Awaken the Giant Within 

Dr. Richard Bandler
Using Your Brain--For a Change: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Frogs into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming
Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., Vol. 2
Persuasion Engineering

Stuart Wilde
The Quickening
The Force
Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power
Silent Power
The Trick to Money Is Having Some
Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle

Wayne Dyer
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
The Power of Intention
Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits
There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
Wisdom of the Ages: 60 Days to Enlightenment

Deepak Chopra
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams (One Hour of Wisdom)
How to Know God (Miniature)
The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore
The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want

Neale Donald Walsch
Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)
Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)
Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book #3)
Tomorrow's God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge

Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom
Rich Dad's Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!

An AMAZING Board Game from Robert Kiyosaki that I used to teach my whole family a new paradigm about finances.

Stephen Lewis
Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness 

David R. Hawkins
Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior
The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing Is Hidden

James Redfield
The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure
The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision (Celestine Prophecy)
The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight

Lynne McTaggart
The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World

George S. Clason
The Richest Man in Babylon: The Success Secrets of the Ancients 

Michael Gerber
The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It 

Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi 

Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment 

Dr. Helen Schucman
A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume 

Bijan Anjomi
Absolutely Effortless Prosperity, Revised Edition
Absolutely Effortless Prosperity, Book II
Absolutely Effortless Prosperity, Book III 

Dan Millman
No Ordinary Moments: A Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life
Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives 

U. S. Anderson
Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty 

Esther Hicks
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham 

Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet 

Tao Te Ching: The New Translation from Tao Te Ching 

Shakti Gawain
Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life (Gawain, Shakti) 

Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference 

Raplh Keyes
The Post-Truth Era: Dishonesty and Deception in Contemporary Life 

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