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As you may have heard me share many times through my articles and in the videos here on YourDailyLifeCoach.com, a big part of my personal journey included a history as a musician and a singer/songwriter. The role that creating and performing music played in my life was more than a "hobby". It was my sole focus and passion for many years, and I actually credit my passion for music with saving and transforming my life.

Although my passions have shifted as I have grown in my own journey of self-awareness, the joy that I get from sharing music with others still is a huge part of who I am.

I have not been writing or performing live for several years, other than occasionally joining friends who are musicians onstage during their shows, but people who are aware that I had released a CD of my own music called Coming Home often ask where they could get a copy. Coming Home was originally released in 2000 independently and when I stopped touring and performing, I had also stopped manufacturing the CD.

As more and more people have been finding this website, more people have been asking about where they could hear some of my music. (Actually if you have watched any of the SA 101 series, you already have. Music from Will I Fight is at the beginning and end of each SA 101 video). 

I'm honored that this web site has created a new interest in my music and is giving me the opportunity to share this side of myself with people again.

I have always been very proud of the music that was created for Coming Home and when I decided that if I was going to share it with people again, I thought that I should give the whole thing an "upgrade". So I enlisted the help of a couple of dear friends to take some new photographs and design a new CD cover which would allow the re-release to have a "fresh" look. I also added some bonus material that is available to be downloaded when someone purchases the CD.

Coming Home was written and recorded as a musical approach to telling the story of my personal journey. I didn't set out with that being the intention, but as the project progressed I noticed each song was contributing to another part of my story. 

Will I Fight You may recognize some of this song when you play the sample below. (To hear samples of all 10 songs visit CDBaby.com.) 

We chose to use music from this song in the beginning and at the end of each SA 101 video.

I wrote this song as a way of coming to terms with having been molested as a child. A topic that I spoke about in great detail in the SA 101 episode Toxic Shame.

Wind Dancer This is a song about my early Spiritual beliefs. It was my exploration of both Native American approaches to Spirituality and also the religious beliefs that I held on to from childhood. Even in the worst of times, I knew there was a Guardian watching over me... my Wind Dancer. (This song actually reached #24 on a chart in Pakistan shortly after Coming Home was originally released in 2000)

Fly With The Angels Is a song about the suicide of someone who was a major influence in my life. His name was Jim Sunday, and he was a singer from my hometown. Seeing Jim perform with his band Pearl while I was in high school inspired me to become a professional singer. In time, I would replace Jim in his own band as he fell victim to drug and alcohol abuse. Later we would strive to get sober together. And then, after failing to remain sober, Jim would take his own life. There is a saying that "Some must die, so that others may live." This song is my way of honoring Jim, and many others I personally knew who have fallen victim to their drug and alcohol abuse.

Set Me Free Was written as an extended exploration of a conversation that a woman I were having about how so often, we allow choices that we have made in the past to control how we live our lives now, and how we also allow those choices from the past to control our future.

Now Is The Time Is a song about taking my own power back. Coming to that place of recognizing that enough was enough. The only person who I could blame for where I was in my life was myself, and the time to take responsibility and begin to make changes was and always is.... NOW!

Any Room In Heaven Was actually co-written with a very dear friend of mine. Phil Barbour was an extremely talented guitarist in the band Spellbound that I was managing in 1992. Phil had an extremely close relationship with his mother, and when she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly he asked me to help him write this song as part of his process of healing and as a way to immortalize his mother. His request was an honor to me personally, and together I believe we made his mother proud. I thank Phil for allowing me to include this tribute to his mother on Coming Home.

Promises Broken Was written as I was going through a very dark period in my life as I was approaching my 9th year of sobriety. Even though many things were going great in my life. I was working a very financially rewarding job, I was recording this CD, my family was healthy and I was enjoying things I never would have imagined possible. I was still depressed much of the time and struggling with the idea that the life I was living, was not the one I was "promised" when I was a child. It was not long after the writing and recording of this song that I began my transition into speaking and a new life would begin.

Erin's Song This song has been the most requested song on Coming Home. My cousin, Erin Womelsdorf and her father, Richard, were involved in a car accident on the way home from a high school football game. A drunk driver was coming the wrong way on a one way road with his lights off at night and slammed into the passenger door of their car. Erin was driving and her father was in the passenger seat. He was in a coma for quite a long time, and ended up with brain damage when he did eventually come out of the coma. As he was rehabilitating, I would drive Erin to the hospital and we would talk about what she was going through mentally and emotionally. I asked Erin if she could write down her thoughts and feelings for me. She did, and I was so touched by what she shared, I asked her if I could turn it into a song. I sat down with my 4 track recorder and got to work. In 24 hours, I had completed Erin's Song. One of the things that amazes me about this track is that when I shared the demo I had recorded with Plinky, my producer, he said that there was absolutely nothing he would change about the arrangement of this song. Other than re-recording it in a professional studio and cleaning up the tracks, it is basically the exact same song it was that came out of me the night I recorded it in my living room. And to this day, it is the one I get the most compliments on. Thank you Erin for the inspiration, and thank you Plinky for knowing when it was good enough.

Without Love This song was written as I was exploring what is most important in life. At this point I had become involved in friendships that would be integral in helping me grow in ways I never imagined. These people had become my family, not by blood, but by choice. And I realized that without love, life was empty.

Coming Home The title track for the CD was actually the very last song for which lyrics were written. Plinky had created a beautiful piano piece based on an arrangement that I had brought to him. And I was actually considering leaving it as an instrumental because I just could not come up with any lyrics that matched the beauty of the music. But as always happens, when we trust life, the right time came,and so did the right words. As we were completing the CD, I was also transitioning fully into my new life of speaking and making the commitment to inspire, educate and empower others through sharing my experience, strength and hope. Coming Home would tell the story of how I had spent so much of my life looking for the answers... and the answer had always been right in front of me. Although this song was written about my personal journey, I have been asked to sing it at weddings because the bride and groom felt that their commitment to join together, was their own manifestation of Coming Home.

Coming Home Available on CD

as well as Digital Download

It is my hope that you will enjoy the music on Coming Home. I've partnered with CDBaby.com to make the CD available the "old fashioned" way for those of you would would like a CD, and also because they are able to make it available digitally for those who prefer downloading it directly to their computer or iPod.

They also have samples of all 10 songs from Coming Home available so you can listen to each one before you decide to buy it. You can visit CDBaby.com and listen to the songs by clicking here. Or clicking on the image below. 

Bonus Material

When you purchase Coming Home you will also be be given a link that will allow you to access 7 previously unreleased songs. This collection called "The Early Years" is a combination of the EP I recorded in 1991 and a demo that is one of my personal favorites.

The EP was called "The Last Dragon" and gained the interest of Music Publisher Bob Cutarella who was working for MCA Publishing at the time and manager Herb Gart who was instrumental in the career of singer/songwriter Don McLean (American Pie, Vincent, Crying, Castles In The Air).

It was because of these early recordings and the belief Bob and Herb had in my songwriting abilities hat I moved to New Jersey in 1992.

These recordings have never been released publicly, but as a part of the re-release of Coming Home, I wanted to add them as my gift to you.

My Personal Guarantee

I have to say that when I finished recording Coming Home, one of the things that amazed me was what I felt when I sat back and listened to each song. I had always heard other songwriters say that for them, the song was never finished. They would say how they had to come to a point of deciding it was "good enough" and release it. Then in later years, they would always wish that they would have done things differently.

When I finished recording the CD, I listened and asked myself what I would change if I could do it again. And the only thing I could say that I would change was I would use a real horn section and real orchestra instead of synthesized ones. But as far as the songwriting, the arrangements, my performance and the production... I was complete. And now, 10 years later, when I listen to these songs, I still feel the same way.

So here is my personal guarantee to you. My desire is always to create quality content that people will not only enjoy, but connect with. I believe in this music, and I honor your trust if you decide to purchase it. If for any reason you are not happy with the songs on Coming Home, I will personally refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

You won't even be asked to return the CD. Just tell me that you were not satisfied, and I will refund 100% of what you spent to purchase the CD or download the tracks.

Order Coming Home Now!

Special Thanks

As always to the man who helped make Coming Home possible. An amazing musician, producer, engineer and friend, Plinky Giglio 

My childhood friend and nationally published photographer Harry Connor

And for a friendship renewed, I am filled with gratitude for her design and contributions to my life, Shell

There is a full list of credits and thanks on the inside of the Coming Home CD Cover, and also, because 10 years has passed since its initial release, I added more credits online for the people who have blessed my life and my music since the original release.

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