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Willard Barth's personal journey has been one of overcoming several life-threatening obstacles that have become the building blocks of who he is, and what he does today. Coming to terms with these obstacles and gaining new perspectives is what Willard's message is really about.

What Willard teaches comes from his own personal experience of turning his life around from one of total destruction to living a life that most only dream of. At 8 years old, Willard lost his leg to Cancer. It ended up driving him from all he knew and loved. At 13 he started drinking and doing drugs, and by the time he was 20 years old, he had spent 12 months incarcerated between 5 jails, a drug and alcohol rehab and a halfway house. But all that was still not enough to make him stop living a life of insanity. It took 4 more years of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial destruction before Willard began to turn his life around. At 24, Willard made the decision that he could no longer go on living the way that he had been and began what has been as of this writing, a 20 year journey of self awareness and re-defining who he is and how he lives.

From a life of quiet desperation, to Living Out Loud!

Willard is the Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises, Inc. President of IEx2 Technologies, Inc., and is the creator of the website Your Daily Life Coach. These companies were created with the mission of "Elevating Self-Awareness through creating technology and offering resources that Inspire, Educate and Empower." Willard has been involved in the study of human behavior, personal development, spirituality and self-awareness for over 20 years. Understanding the importance of having his own daily life coach, in that time he has studied and worked with some of the most recognized people in these fields. Including Anthony Robbins, Mary Manin-Morrissey, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Richard Bandler, Bob Procter, Michael Beckwith, Larry Wilson, Bijan, James Twyman, Joseph McClendon III and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Willard Barth is more than just a businessman and Peak Performance coach. Combining his passion for music and his passion for life, Willard's life truly revolves around inspiring, educating and empowering people through his seminars, training programs and one-on-one success coaching as well as music.

Willard is a singer/songwriter whose music has been compared to Seal, Journey, Santana and Michael Bolton. If you enjoy music with meaning, you will enjoy material from his CD "Coming Home".

His music has charted in the top 20's overseas and has afforded him the ability to be on stage with world famous artists. He performed regularly with the Legendary Guitarist Les Paul at the Iridium Jazz club and has shared the stage with Tommy Shaw (Styx), Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), Joey Moranz (Paul McCartney), and Antonia Bennett.

The Your Daily Life Coach Site

I am so excited that we have launched this project. I wanted to give a quick history on how your daily life coach came to be, and also share with you my intention for where it will go.

In the of Fall 2008, when the initial signs of economic upheaval were beginning to really become apparent here in the United States, I was having a conversation with my business partner and we were talking about how people really needed to stay focused on things they could control (themselves) instead of on all the uncertainty that was being stirred up.

We explored different ideas on how we could contribute and help people through the challenging times. After masterminding a few options, I decided that one of the things I could personally do was "Pay It Forward". I have been blessed throughout my life in so many ways. So many people have contributed to my growth and have given me support without asking anything in return. So I decided I was going to find a way to pass that gift along to others. With the explosion of social networking sites, and the technology that is available, I believed it would allow me to communicate easily with people looking for something to help them stay "on track".

Then the Universe stepped in to help as it always does. As soon as I made the commitment to do this, a friend who I had not seen in several years returned to my life. We started talking about what had happened over the years that we had been out of contact and ended up finding that we were both on the same mission. We both wanted to share what we had been given with others with no strings attached.

Thus began the creation of the Self-Awareness 101 video series. Jerry McKimm brought his video production talent, and together we created the free videos that you will be seeing. Initially we were posting them on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and AOL. It didn’t take long for us to realize by the responses we were getting that people really wanted this kind of material. So I decided to create a site designed to not only have all the videos we will be releasing, but also offer other content such as articlesinspirational quotes, discussion forums and create a community where people could truly connect and support each other. And that’s how your daily life coach site was born.

The whole concept is still a work in progress. I see it pretty much as an experiment. Can a site like this spark enough interest, enough conversation to build a self-supporting community where people come together for the sole purpose of helping each other grow?

I invite you to share the site with friends, and invite you to let people know about our community here at Your Daily Life Coach. I’m excited about watching what evolves as we explore the possibilities together.

Thanks in advance,

With Love and Respect,

Creator of Your Daily Life Coach

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