Our Decisions Determine Who We Become

Self-Awareness 101 Episode 18: Our Decisions Determine Who We Become

In this episode Willard discusses that it is not our abilities, rather our choices that determine our outcomes in life. Every decision that you make today, will shape who you become in the future.

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Today we're going to explore that is it not our abilities but our decisions that determine who we will become.

Can you think of a situation where someone who was less qualified or someone who had less knowledge and less ability actually succeeded more than the people who seemed to have the knowledge, the qualifications and the abilities?

There's a rule in this game called life, that it is not always the person with the most abilities who is going to succeed. It is the person who wants it most.

It comes down to a simple formula.

Decision + Focus + Consistency of Purpose = Success.

Quite simply, when a person decides they are going to achieve something, and they focus all of their energies on it, when they have created a compelling reason that is driving them forward, and they maintain consistency in their efforts; the Universe moves into alignment with them to bring into place the circumstances, the situations, the people, the opportunities for them to learn more about handling the outcome when they achieve it and any other ingredients that will help them become successful.

At this point I should also ask, how do you define success? I want to be very clear on this because a lot of times when people are listening to personal development speakers, as soon as they hear them mention success, the listener believes that the speaker is only talking about a financial or business "success". Success can be in your health, it can be in your relationships, success can even be in regard to your hobbies. Success is how you define it. What do you define as being successful?

The point that I really to make is that you ultimately are the one who decides if you're going to succeed or not. Before you even begin to take action, you make that decision. Now this is where people will usually counter my statement and ask, "When it comes to sports, you know, aren't there people who are just more physically capable?"

Yes, there are. And still, the person who wants it the most will still beat out the person who may have more physical ability.

I want to refer to a quote by Roger Bannister; you may be familiar with him. He is most famous for being the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Until Roger ran the four minute mile, no one else had ever been able to accomplish it. And in response to questions of how it was possible, Roger said this, "The man who can drive himself further, once the effort gets painful, is the man who will win."

Now this is coming directly from the man who, until he broke that barrier, no one else had even come close to running a mile in under four minutes.

Here is the amazing part. Just 46 days after he broke that barrier, his record was broken by John Landy. And within the following 24 months, 16 more people were running the four minute mile all over the world. So right there's a prime example, he wasn't the one with the most ability, but he was the one who had the most belief in himself and the ability to do it. And once he proved it was possible, others began to believe more in their own ability.

The decisions that you make, will determine the outcome of your life.

I'll give you an example of my own. Until 1992 I had been making a living as a musician. When I moved to New Jersey to pursue my music career, I had some things happen that made me look to other ways to make a living. I was offered a job as a DJ at a club in South Jersey. Because of my background as a musician, and my ability to speak well over a microphone, within a matter of months I had two other clubs competing to hire me. They were offering me more money and more shifts. So I had an opportunity and I made a decision. I decided that if I was going to walk away from the music career that I had been working on and do this DJ'ing thing, I would only do it if I was going to commit to becoming the best.

And the measure of success as a DJ was to be working in NYC. So that's what I set my goal as. Within 3 years, I was working in NYC. And within 4 years, I was one of only four people in the world, qualified to work one of the longest running and biggest clubs on Broadway, in NYC.

Now, I wasn't the best DJ in the world, I'm going to totally admit that. I wasn't the best DJ in the world, but I did make the decision that I would succeed, and I wanted it more than those who had better skills. Because I had made the decision to become a DJ in NYC, I did what it took to get to that position. I worked at every club I could that was close to NYC so I could network. I moved to live closer to the city; I improved my skills and marketed myself to the right places. I also want to say, that it wasn't all my doing.

I truly believe that when you make a decision, when you make a commitment and stick with it, the Universe works with you to make it happen. You meet people who can assist you; events happen that put you in situations where opportunities open up. Sometimes, these events are painful, but they are there to kick you out of your comfort zone and move you to where you need to be.

One challenge is, a reason most people don't see success, a reason most people don't see results, is that as they have experiences what seem to be "obstacles", they give up. The Universe has already begun putting things in place to help them achieve their desire, but they change their mind somewhere along the way and then they lose out on all the things that were coming to support them in that journey.

So what I'd like to ask you to do right now, is to take a moment and think of some area of your life that you've been holding yourself back because you believed that you lacked the knowledge, you lacked the qualifications or you lacked the ability.

Sit down right now, and think about how your life would be if you actually did step up and make the decision to commit yourself to it. Think about what it would be like if you would focus your energies and stay consistent with taking actions towards that decision until you achieved it. What would your life be like?

Paint a picture for yourself; you don't have to change your path right now, but I do ask you to explore the possibilities. Inspire yourself to take action.

I look forward to seeing you soon. Take Care. 

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