Definition Of Self Awareness

Applying What You Learn About Yourself To More Consistenly Achieve Your Goals

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Day 10: Apply the definition of self awareness and increase your ability to get results! Self-awareness is the key to success. The only way to constantly be successful in achieving your goals is to make distinctions along the way, become aware of what is working and not working for you and become aware of why you have been doing these things, or just as importantly, why you have not been doing them. While working on our video series Self-Awareness 101 my video producer pointed out a statement that I had made which really encapsulates the definition of self-awareness and I think it applies perfectly in this process with your personal development plan. Self-awareness is quite simply, becoming aware of what you do, and why you do it.

As you progress towards your goal an important part of the process is to become aware of the “recipe” we talked about in earlier steps so you that can repeat it. Also by being aware of your own personal recipe for success you can begin to improve it. But you have to know the recipe first. Here is where you apply our definition of self awareness. What is working for you? What mistakes have you made that you can now avoid in the future?

“Life is not about the goals you have achieved; it’s about who did you have to become to achieve them and what kind of impact did you make along the way.” – Willard Barth

For every goal that we achieve, we are molded as a person. Sadly, many people do not pay attention as they are making progress then they are destined to repeat mistakes again and again, or miss simple distinctions that can save them immense amounts of time, money and pain.

What lessons are you learning? At this point in the process you may have discovered some very important distinctions. Using our definition of self-awareness make a list of the biggest discoveries you have made so far. What have you noticed that you have been doing in that past that has served you? What have you noticed that you have been doing in that past that has not served you?

Review your journal and highlight what you now notice where some key areas that you have uncovered up until this point. I also suggest creating a special place in your journal to store these insights as you will continue to add to the list as you fine tune your personal recipe for success.

Right now, enter into your journal some of the biggest distinctions you have made so far. Remember the simple definition of self awareness. What have you learned? What have you learned about the process? What have you learned about yourself? What have you learned about your own strategy for success? 

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