Final Episode

Self-Awareness 101 Episode 52: Final Episode

After one year the time has come for the final episode of Self-Awareness 101. Willard shares some distinctions, closing thoughts and discusses what is still to come on the site.

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It’s Self-Awareness 101 The Final Episode

Have you ever had an experience, that you started out, you really had no clear idea of where you were going, or what was going to happen along the way? And then sometime later you look back and see that it was an amazing experience that was filled with growth, laughter, and just affected you in a very deep way? That has been my experience with Self-Awareness 101.

A little over a year ago Jerry and I sat down to have a conversation that was based on an idea that I had about wanting to make a contribution through to people through the Internet. I had learned that Jerry had gotten into film making and it had become his passion and when I shared with him what I was looking to do, he said he would love to be involved. We started out with this “simple” idea which was to create 52 episodes of a program that would be released on the Internet and it would focus on skills, strategies and ideas for people who were just beginning their journey of self-awareness. We had no idea of what to expect response-wise. We had no idea of what to expect in regard to the kind of content we were going to present. And I have to say as we come to the final episode, if I were to answer the question I asked at the start of this episode, it has been one hell of a journey in a lot of amazing ways.

I want to use this final episode as a way to express my gratitude to you, the viewers of SA 101. There is something that a speaker who I greatly respect uses to end every one of his presentations. His name is Joseph McClendon III and he works with Tony Robbins and leads part of Tony's Unlimited Power weekends. Every time I have seen Joseph speak, when he finishes he says, "I thank you, I appreciate you and I love you" and he stresses the point that I also believe which is that I don't think enough people hear those phrases enough in their lives. So I also want so say to all of you, I thank you, I appreciate you and I love you

I've had the joy of growing as a person this past year. Growth came for many reasons, but the bottom line was I needed to grow because of my commitment to deliver videos on a weekly basis to you. I had to grow to explore new ways of sharing information that you may have heard in the past, I had to grow by sharing things I have not shared before, and I had to grow because this was a totally new medium for me as a presenter. I thank you for giving me that opportunity for growth. And I thank you for even watching them and giving us a chance. I thank you for your feedback. I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen t what I have to share. I believe there is a lot of stuff that is going on in your life, and to sit down and spend ten minutes watching a video, that is an investment of your time that you could have used for something else and I honor you for giving me the opportunity to deliver something of value to you, I appreciate that trust.

I appreciate that you have trusted me enough to allow me to share these things with you that may have sometimes conflicted with your current ideas. I don’t expect that you will always agree, but I appreciate the opportunity to offer my perception. I appreciate that some of you have come back week after week. I appreciate those who have shared with me that you are not looking forward to this final episode and Self-Awareness 101 coming to an end. And I truly appreciate your feedback, your questions, the emails, the chats that I've had with instant messenger services because they have really contributed to my personal growth in this journey.

And the last one, I know may sound a little corny, but it is true; I love you.

We may have never communicated one on one, but I believe that if you are watching these videos, that we are on a journey that affects each other. There is a connection, universally. Because you are striving to improve yourself you are also contributing to my growth and I honor you for that. I love you for your contribution to me, to others around you and to genuinely making a difference.

As we get ready to wrap up this final episode, something that people have asked us is if we were going to release Self-Awareness 101 on a DVD. Although I am honored by the request, I will say that is probably not going to happen. One of the main reasons is because there is over six hours worth of material. That is pretty much the same as watching 3 feature length films. Another thing that people were surprised to learn as they asked questions about the final episode was that many people were not aware of the behind the scenes work that went into creating that 6 hours worth of content. Jerry and I have usually started setting up to begin filming around 9 in the evening and then filmed from midnight until 6 o’clock in the morning. We were filming in the community areas of the apartment building I live in and we needed to do it when we were not interfering with other people who lived there.

People have also asked based on the last video that we did about the benefits of closure, what were some of the benefits I became aware of. I have to say that this past year the journey of my own growth has really taken on a whole new meaning and my depth of friendship with Jerry has grown much deeper because of how we needed to be communicating while he and I were filming these. Those conversations helped me to learned a lot about myself. I have learned things about myself as a person, as a speaker, as a father, a son and a friend. I have learned about my abilities and about my limitations. There is also so much we've learned about what we want to do in respect to videos that we create and the content that we will be creating from here on out.

This is the final episode of the series Self-Awareness 101. This specific series is coming to an end, but our desire to connect with you, to share information with you and create a community is not. We are going to continue to create new videos but we're not going to limit ourselves by “boxing” them into a specific series “topic”. We also have learned that we want to make videos that when you watch, it really impacts you. Not just you sitting there watching me talk, but videos that will be a visual experience. We are really having a lot of discussion on how we're going to make those things happen.

We're also talking about creating audio podcasts that will allow me to speak longer on topics than the video format and that will allow you to take them with you in your car or on your iPod instead of being locked in front of your computer to watch a video.

It has been your involvement that has made all of this possible. Through your involvement, you are assisting me in my growth and in my own level of awareness. So I want to thank you for that.

Again this is the final episode of Self-Awareness 101, but this journey has just begun. I look forward to your continued feedback, to your continued support. I invite to you to become a part of our forums and join the community. It is your involvement that helps us shape this site and determine where our future content and projects will go.

I thank you. I appreciate you. I love you. Take Care. 

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