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January 13, 2014

Help get Samantha home to her family! For the past 19 years my dear friend Samantha has spent every day focused on one thing... finding her family in China and on December 27, 2013 that dream has come true! Now, I need your help to get them together physically! Sam is someone who is very resistant to ask for help, but she is always helping others. So I want to do this for her and help her life long dream become a reality.

When Sam was 5 years old she ran from her home in fear for her life to find her mother who was working in a nearby town. Unable to find her mother she ended up lost and on the streets for 2 months until she was found at a train station over 600 miles from her home province. She was put into an orphanage and spent the next 7 years there until she was adopted by a family here in the United States. 

Samantha was born in a remote region of China close to the Vietnam border. Her father was very abusive to her and her mother. Sam still carries scars to this day from some of the extreme abuse she suffered before she reached the age of 5.

One afternoon while watching her younger siblings while her mother and father were at work, her younger brother broke something. Even though she was not the one who broke it, Sam feared that she would be beaten so harshly that she was literally in fear for her life. She decided to run and find her Mom who was selling fruits and vegetables in a small town a few miles from her home.

Imagine being a 5 yr old and making your way into even the smallest city. Already in fear for her life because of what had happened at home, she now panicked that she would be in even more trouble for leaving the house.

She searched and searched for her mother but could not find her. That day turned into 2 months of living on the streets and sleeping on trains. She could not find her mother and she could not find her way home. The longer she was gone the fear worsened that she would be in even more trouble.

Approximately 2 months later a police officer approached Sam at a train station and took her to an orphanage. She spent the next 7 years of her life in that orphanage until she was adopted by a family here in the US. At 12 years old, Sam came to the US. 

Every day her dream has been to find her mother and siblings. On 12-27-2013 through the power of networking and the Internet, they have been reconnected!

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