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Joel’s newsletter on Happy New You, January 6, 2010

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"Happy New Year!"

You have probably heard or said that many times in the last week. But what is so significant about the New Year? It's simply the change of a number in the calendar. And we make it into a big event. We have New Year's Eve parties. We make New Year's resolutions. Some people send out New Year's greetings or letters. (If you'd like a copy of mine, just email me.) And we wish others a Happy New Year.

Now I have no problem with all of this. I enjoy celebrations. I agree that setting goals is useful. And I believe in promoting happiness. But I find it curious that it's all connected with the change of the year.

Yes, the New Year as good a time as any to celebrate and make a fresh start. It's a time to clean house, lose weight, replace old habits with better ones, eat healthier (especially after all the partying!), finally get organized, and wish each other well. Without that annual reminder we might never get around to checking in and making those changes.

But why wait for the New Year? What if we celebrated each month in the same way? Imagine saying "Happy New Month" or "Happy February". It may sound strange, but it's only because we're not accustomed to it. And it might be beneficial to check in more frequently. We could wish happiness upon each other every month and renew our intentions to get back on track.

What if we celebrated each week, or even each day? "Happy New Day" might become a bit monotonous after a while, but then we say "Good morning" every day, and we don't seem to get tired of that. Feeling appreciation for the new day, seeing the sun come up, and feeling good to be alive - that's enough to make me happy!

My point is that every day, even every moment, is a perfectly good time to feel good and be renewed. We can choose happiness for ourselves and for others, make choices about where we're going, and celebrate being alive in that moment. It's fine to say "Happy New Year" every January 1, but I would like to say "Happy New You" to celebrate the joy and renewal that can be yours at any time of the year! You complimentary consultation

Have you had your complimentary 30-minute consultation with Coach Joel yet? Isn't it time to bring out the Happy New You? Please contact me atjoel@coachjoel.com or 973-701-1007 to schedule your session.

Creative thinking tip

Find new uses. One of the fun ways to use creative thinking is to find new uses for familiar things. Artists and craftspersons are usually good at taking taking things that most people would throw out, like soda can tops or popsicle sticks and make new creations out of them.

How many common items can you find new uses for? A coat hanger could become a hook. A sock could become a case for glasses or a camera. Greeting cards can become gift tags. Paper from a shredder makes good kindling. Address labels make identification markers for valuables. Old carpets can make furniture pads.

You could start with an item and see how many things you could do with it, or you could consider a need and see how many kinds of items might be transformed to fill that need. Have fun with this!

Quote of the week

"May today mark the beginning of many new joys and accomplishments... and a continuation of all of the good things that you have already achieved." - Unknown

I understand this to mean that we are always beginning again, and so we need not be limited in our expectations. However this doesn't mean that what we've accomplished already will be lost; we can choose to keep whatever serves us, as we continue to grow.

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