Identify Resources
That Are Available

Identify resources that are available to you that will help you achieve your goal.

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Day 6: Identify resources that you have and that you will need to achieve your outcome. When you have reached this point in the process, you will begin to notice that you have opened your mind to seeing things that you would not have recognized before that will help you achieve the outcome you desire. As you look through your notes from the past few exercise, you will begin to think of people, tools, books, seminars, and programs… that you know will assist you in getting result. It’s time to put your resources together.

When creating a list of people as a resource. Who do you know who has specialized knowledge in the area you are working on? Who do you know that can assist you? Who will support you? Who will hold you accountable? Who will share your vision, and put positive energy into your vision? Who will be your cheerleader? Who do you know who has someone available in their network that can assist you? What books on the subject have you read in the past that will help you? What books can you read that will give you resources to move forward? Have you attended seminars in the past that gave you resources you can review? Are there seminars that you can attend that will support you now?

What tools do you currently have available to you? What tools are you aware that you will need? If you are starting a business will you need office space? Or be working from home? Will you need to hire an attorney? An accountant? Do you need specific products or supplies?

Yes, these questions may seem simplistic. And getting clear on what resources you currently have, and what you will need along the way will improve your chances of overcoming the natural resistance you will encounter along the way. There is no doubt in my mind, that even with a clear outcome and a compelling reason to achieve it, you are going to encounter both internal and external resistance. Sometimes it will be outright defiance. By already having a list of resources, it will help you stay on track because in those moments, when it can be easy to abandon your plans, you can simply pull up your resource list and ask, “What resource do I have that will help me through this?”

One thing to be careful about is not getting caught up in any fears when you notice resources that you may not currently have, or that may seem unrealistic for you to attain at the moment. One point of this exercise is to realize that you already have many of the resources available to you that you need. And those that you do not already have, many of them are available to you if you get creative.

As you go through your index cards make notes on the back of them relating to resources that you have available, and resources you may need. By doing this, you will be accelerating your ability to take the steps you need to succeed, and also creating a future resource to refer to when you need to regain that momentum. 

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