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April 6, 2010

One of the places I really clear my head and become very creative is when I am driving. I can go for hours on the highway with no music playing and just come up with new ideas for content and for how to be more effective at something. So I am recording this as I am on my way from New Jersey to Pennsylvania this afternoon to pick up my mother and bring her back to New Jersey.

Today I have been thinking about starting a new health regimen. It is actually one that a dear friend of mine recently completed with some amazing results. By following this specific program, in 4 1/2 months he lost 75 pounds and has maintained that weight loss for another 4 months. His energy level has dramatically increased as well as his self-confidence. Achieving these kinds of results with his health has also allowed him to transform his life in other areas. He now has new references for his ability to discipline himself and stay committed to a specific outcome based on his results with his new health program.

The reason that I have decided to commit to this process is not so much about a desire to lose weight. The main intention of my committing to this program is to improve my health by eating a more healthy and nutritious diet. My primary outcome is to increase my energy level and to improve my overall health.

Even though I know all the benefits of healthy eating, I will admit that I have terrible eating habits. I don't eat a lot of junk food. My problem is that I do not eat regularly, and when I do eat there is little to no nutritional value in the food I choose to eat. As an example, my food for the day usually consists of an egg salad sandwich around 12:30 in the afternoon or a Caesar Salad. Even though I have been up since 8 or 8:30AM, this is usually the first time that I eat. Then around 5PM I will have a Monti Cristo Panini which if you are not familiar with it, that is simply a sandwich with ham, turkey, cheese and peppers in a pressed bread Panini style bread. Then 3 or 4 nights of the week, later on in the evening I will have a TV dinner, a pizza or some chili. The other nights, I eat some small snacks or nothing at all.

Sadly that is basically a day of eating for me. One of the reasons for this kind of “diet” is that the majority of my days, I spend DJ'ing in NYC. In the environment that I work in, you do not get a break to eat, so I have learned to eat based on the “cleanliness” of the food because I do not want to eat something “messy” being around musical equipment and the microphone. So over the years I have “conditioned” myself to eat things that are not messy and also things that I can eat relatively quickly. As I am also aware, eating quickly is another bad eating habit. But I have rationalized that because the type of club that I DJ in, I have to make announcements every 90 seconds to two minutes for an eight hour period. I don't get a lunch break, I don't get a 15 minute break; It is eight hours of being on the microphone and playing music.

So what has happened is that I have conditioned myself over 17 years of DJ'ing to eat this way. I know it is not healthy. I know my body is not getting the nutrients that it needs to function at a basic level, let alone the level that I push myself. And as I approach my 45th birthday I am noticing that my energy level is not anywhere close to what it used to be. I am also noticing that it is taking longer for my body to heal. Even simple things like a cut I had on my knuckle which would normally heal within a week, has still not fully healed after close to a month and a half. I know that as we grow older our ability to heal changes, but I also have to take responsibility for the fact that I am also not giving my body what it needs to do the job.

So I have made the decision, committed to the process and have resolved myself to conditioning new habits that will allow me to create this new way of living. I am getting ready to embark on a journey of health consciousness, and I am going to be documenting it as I progress. I will talk about the energy level, the weight loss benefits, and how this new discipline transforms other areas of my life. I have signed up with a coach, ordered the food and will be starting tomorrow.

I had originally intended this next section as a follow-up article, but since I am starting the program earlier than I expected, I will include it here. Below I am going to talk about the fears that I needed to overcome as I was preparing to start this journey.

I have been looking at doing this for quite a long time. I have known that I am not taking care of my health in a way that supports my lifestyle. And even with that knowledge, it has taken me until this moment to make the commitment to change. I wonder how many of you know that there is something that you need to incorporate into your life, something that you need to change and you still haven't. You even know that your life would improve dramatically if you did, but you've been putting it off. Any of you ever had that problem in the past? And what was preventing you?

So as I prepared to embark on this new path, I had to look at what has been preventing me from doing this for myself. I have multiple motivations to do this because not only am I teaching people how to overcome fear, how to break through procrastination and how to live better lives, it is also a part of the journey that I am on. So if I were to coach myself on this, I would need to look at what's been preventing me from taking actions that I know I need to take.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to come up with excuses? And have you also noticed that the excuses usually have absolutely nothing to do with what you are trying to avoid? Two excuses that seem to be common for everyone are “time” and “money”. I was actually taught that in a sales course in regard to overcoming objections. They taught me that the main reason that people do not take action is because of two excuses; they don't have the money and they don't have the time. As I looked at my “reasons” for not doing this earlier, those were mainly the same excuses I had been using. I could of course give those “reasons” validation. But really they are simply excuses.

Yes, there is an investment in the food needed for the program. Just under $300 actually. And then there is the discipline in respect to time, where I need to make sure that I eat every two and a half to three and a half hours. I could use that as a “reason” not to do this. My schedule is all over the place.

But the reality is that money and time are simply excuses. What has really been stopping me from getting started in the past has been fear. Just like with most “changes” that we make in our lives I had to look at the fear of failure, as well as the fear of success. There are fears of the unknown, fears of how I would be perceived if I fail… the list can go on and on.

What I'm getting to is that even though I am teaching these kinds of things, I have to deal with them in my own life on a daily basis. I am not saying that to sound egotistical. I'm saying it because many times we hear people speaking about personal development and self awareness and they're coming from the place of the guru, the teacher, the coach, and many of them don’t share their own struggles. The person being taught is not aware that the teacher has to struggle with these obstacles themselves.

I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect. I'm no better than anybody else. I am using the same skills that I'm sharing with you. That is what I believe in, sharing the skills that I have used to overcome obstacles in my past and continuing to share what I'm working on now as I move into my future. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. 

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