Increasing Self Awareness
And Maintaining Momentum

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Day 13: Raise your standards as you are increasing self awareness.Through increasing self awareness in this 21 day process, by uncovering what you do and why you do it and by learning what has stopped you in the past; you begin to see what else is now possible in your life. What other things have you begun to think about that you want to accomplish now that you have momentum?

Success breeds success. Once you’ve gained momentum, a whole new world of ideas and possibilities opens for you.

Many times all it takes is one small shift in a single area, and all of a sudden you remove a bock that has been holding you back in multiple areas. I like to use the example of stepping outside of your comfort zone. I have always been a person who hated doing “sales”. I hated it because I had a strong fear of being rejected, and being criticized.

There was a point in 1992 that I found myself in a desperate position to make money to support a newborn daughter and took a job as a telemarketer. Talk about a job that makes you face the fear of rejection and of being criticized. But because I had a new kind of leverage, being a father, and because our pay was based on our production, I knew that I needed to excel in this position. So I pushed myself way beyond my comfort zone and faced those fears. Within 2 months I was consistently in the top 3 earners in that office.

What I noticed from that experience was that in every other area of my life, where I used to fear rejection and criticism I was able to take action with less effort. When it came to approaching women, performing as a musician, beginning to speak publicly. Don’t get me wrong, these fears still came up, but they weren’t as powerful as they used to be. By pushing myself into that new area, I unconsciously created new belief systems and created new habits without even noticing it.

Take a moment to review your journal. What have you learned? Who have you become so far? What did you have to overcome to get this far? What do you believe is possible now, that you may have doubted in the past? Enter these things into your journal and capitalize on the momentum you have already gained by preparing to raise your standards even more! 

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