Invisible Connections

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Joel’s newsletter on Invisible Connections, August 12, 2009

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Invisible Connections

The other day while I was driving home and waiting at a traffic light, a man in the car alongside of me motioned to me. He wanted to know how to get to Route 22. I started to explain, and then I said, "why don't you just follow me," because I was going to 22 myself. So I drove my usual route, occasionally checking to see if he was still behind me.

While we were driving, I suddenly had a sense that, of all the cars on the road, he and I were "connected" in some way, and no one but he and I knew that. There was an invisible connection between us, simply because he was following me and I was looking out for him. Then I wondered, maybe there are invisible connections between other travelers on the road, too, that I wasn't aware of. I could only imagine.

They say that everything in the universe is connected in some way. I believe that's true, but what does it really mean?

There are many kinds of connection with other people - telephone, email, letters, conversation, eye contact, physical touch. Even a thought can be a kind of connection. When I think of my cousin in Colorado, I'm creating a connection between us. Who knows - maybe she can sense that at her end, too.

We're already connected in many ways. But much of the time it's only of a minimal sort. A quick glance, and it's over. Or a few sharp words on the phone and then it's back to business. We can, however, choose to deepen our connections or to connect just a little bit longer. It doesn't take much to do so. When I pass someone on the street, I like to connect with a smile. When I'm in a shop or restaurant, I like to find out the name of the cashier or waiter. It helps me feel a closer connection with that person.

Why would we want to be more connected with other people (or with other living beings)? Here are some reasons I came up with:

* To feel togetherness rather than loneliness. * To make a difference for the other person or being. * To share by giving and receiving. * To experience the richness of life, and perhaps the joy of making a new friend. * There's more strength in connectedness than in separateness. * To feel part of something greater than yourself. * To sense the interconnectedness of everything.

Connection, like love, is a basic human need. In coaching we help our clients build healthy connections with family, friends and others, as well as develop support teams. Just as important is connecting with oneself, which to me means being aware of the different parts of oneself, including the deeper self. There's the spiritual connection, too, whatever that may mean to the client. Being connected is vital for businesses, as well. Coaches also help businesses to network and build the connections necessary to thrive and succeed.

... When we finally reached Route 22, my new "friend" passed me and waved. Connections are often temporary, yet I feel that there is still a slim thread that remains even now.

A coach-client relationship is a special connection. If you haven't experienced coaching before, contact Joel at to see if it is right for you.

Creative thinking tip

Look for connections between things. Sometimes they may be obvious; other times you'll have to look more carefully. When you find a connection, you might discover a solution to a problem, find a new use for an everyday object, hit upon a way to fill a need, create a work of art, or come up with a new idea for a product.

A detective or lawyer looks for connections between clues and facts and eventually solves the case. A scientist sees connections between observations and is able to hypothesize a new theory. An engineer finds connections between a problem and known methods and is able come up with a design that works. A novelist sees connections between characters and events and weaves them into a story. An artist sees connections between elements and combines them into a harmonious composition. Two people on a date discover connections in their interests, and start a relationship.

There are all kinds of connections out there. Things that are in close proximity can be said to be connected. Sometimes there is an actual link, such as a telephone connection between two people. There is a connection between the parts of a whole, such as members of an organization. Things can also be considered connected because they have something in common, such as a stapler and a sewing machine (both are tools for fastening). Or they might complement each other, like a windmill and a light bulb (one generates energy, the other consumes energy).

The world is full of connections waiting to be discovered. Finding them, whatever kind they may be, can often lead to useful results or insights. And in any case, discovering new connections can certainly be fun and exciting!

Quote of the week

"When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other." - Margaret Wheatley

What this means to me that not only is it of benefit to us to be connected, but it is necessary for the good of the world. We are therefore meant to be connected. Our own lives, and the world itself, are incomplete when we are not connected to each other. On the other hand, when we work together and recognize the value of being connected, then humanity and the world can grow and evolve.

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