Coach Joel Remde
"The Creative Thinking Coach"

I first met Joel Remde in 1997 when I was working for the Anthony Robbins Franchise here in New Jersey. Joel was President of The Anthony Robbins & Associates Grad Association. This was a group of people who had attended Tony Robbins events that would meet regularly as a way to learn more skills and strategies in the field of personal development, and give back to the local community in various ways.

It wasn’t until 2 years later when I was asked to help form a new organization called “The 7th Power” which was going to take the principles of the “Grad Association” and bring them to a larger audience that I truly got to know Joel.

As we began having the initial meetings to discuss the vision for this new organization, it became very clear how passionate Joel was about maintaining the integrity of what he had helped create with the Robbins franchise. Joel was not only committed to his own personal growth, but also to doing whatever it took to support others who wanted to improve their lives. Our friendship grew as we worked together to create an organization that would change all of our lives.

Over the years, I have seen Joel Remde living his life as a true example of generosity, compassion and service to others. Recently Joel has begun sending out a newsletter called “Perspectives” and I have to say that it is one of the few newsletters that I receive that I actually make sure to read when it arrives. I love what he shares and have asked him if I could have his permission to repost his articles here. I hope you enjoy Joel’s contributions to our site and invite you to sign up for his newsletter.

Love and Respect
Willard Barth

Perspectives by Coach Joel Remde

7 Habits Of Highly Creative People 
Creative Thinking and Life Potentials 
Ways To Respond To Problems 
Potential and Possibilities 
Making A Difference
Finding Greatness
Perfect Alignment
Meanings And Opportunities
A Vision Makes A Difference
Invisible Connections
Creative Individuals
A Tribute To Don Hewitt
Lessons From The River
What Is Creative Thinking?
It's All About Energy
More On Energy
Place Of Power
Visioning Lab
Simple Lessons
Buildings And Values
Small Town Trauma
Voting And Choosing
Veterans And Gratitude
Creative Apps
Thanksgiving, Thankfulness And More
Everyday Heroes
Remembering Jim Rohn - A Great Philosopher
Holiday Rituals
Love One Another
A Look At The Year
Happy New You
Creativity And The Economy 

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