Keep Your Mind Wide Open

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Day 4: Begin brainstorming options and keep your mind wide open to possibilities. Now that you have created a clear vision of where you want to go, and you’ve also gotten clarity on why this is so important to you, it is time to start brainstorming options. Remember to keep your mind wide open to any possible idea at this point because the one idea that you reject because it seems silly or uncomfortable may be just the thing you need to face to achieve your goal. You will hear me mention this often. Achieving goals is not about the goal itself. It is about who you become along the way. What old habits do you need to break? What new habits do you need to develop? What beliefs do you need to examine?

9 out of 10 people never achieve the goals they set for themselves because of this simple reason. They are not willing to change their current beliefs and habits. They are quick to dismiss options that seem uncomfortable. Let me share a simple truth in regard to achieving goals. You will never achieve your goal if you are not willing to step outside your comfort zone. You will never move to the next level if you continue to do what you have always done. And getting outside of your comfort zone means learning to keep your mind wide open to new ideas.

Don’t worry about organizing these ideas into steps yet. This is the “brain dump” part of your planning. Every idea has the potential to be an option you may choose later on. Or when you look at it later, you may decide it is not truly an option. But for the moment, capture every idea.

Begin asking yourself, what are the paths you can already see that will allow you to achieve your goal? If you want to make more money, are you going to start your own business? Invest? Take on a new job? What will it be? If you want to lose weight, what steps do you need to take? Do you need to go on a diet? Do you need to exercise? Is your weight to an extreme where you need to consider medical solutions? Ask yourself, what are some approaches I wouldn’t normally think of? I know it may seem like a silly question to ask yourself, but your subconscious mind will give you the answers when you ask. Ask yourself, “If I were to think outside the box, what options could I come up with that will help me achieve this goal?” And then keep your mind wide open as you begin to get the answers.

It’s time to set aside any doubts… set aside any possibility of failure and open your mind to every possibility, no matter how “outrageous” or “impossible” it may seem. Enter into your journal every possible way that you can think of that you can find the answers to how to achieve your goal.

Every possible solution you can think of… put it in your journal. If you even begin to think “That’s silly” or “That will never work”… Put it in your journal! 

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