The Warrior Sage Part 2:
Lessons Learned

Exploring The Lessons Learned Through Sacred Scars

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One of the things I learned several years ago is that movies can be a great resource for learning about life when we open ourselves to that possibility. When I had first started preparing this section of the book, I decided to watch the movie Rudy. At the time I was looking to get inspired because I was preparing to start the Bill Philip’s “Body for Life” challenge. If you are not familiar with the movie, it is about a young man who has the dream of playing football at Notre Dame and he has to overcome amazing obstacles to even get into the school. There was a line in the movie that really hit me with a dose of reality in respect to my own life, and as I prepare to publish this chapter in 2010, it is just as relevant today. There is a scene where Rudy is going to quit school and the groundskeeper who Rudy had been working for is talking to him in the football stadium. To paraphrase, the groundskeeper said, “There’s only one person in this world that you need to prove anything to and that’s yourself. And if after all you’ve come through, you still haven’t seen what you really have inside… you never will.”

How many of us find ourselves in that position? It seems so easy to forget what we have had to overcome to get where we are. I know that I can sit here and look back at everything I’ve experienced in my life. The triumphs, the tears, the friendships, the lessons and still there are times when I question if I have what it takes to make it through the next challenge.

But I also have to say that I through it all, I may doubt myself sometimes, but in the end, I always find a way to pull through. And I believe that if you are the kind of person who has been drawn to pick up this book, if you look at your life you will see the same thing in you.

I’ve had the privilege of accomplishing and experiencing more in the past 45 years than most people do in a lifetime. I’ve tasted Heaven, and lived in Hell. And I don’t regret a minute of any of it. From what you have read in this book, you may think that I have some things I would like to change if I could. And I have to honestly say, that if I could go back and live it all over again, I would not change a second. I have seen both sides of the tracks, and gained an appreciation for life, that I don’t think many people get to have because of living the life I have lived.

Along the way, I have made friends and had experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And most importantly, I have my daughter. If I would have changed one thing in my past, she might never have become a part of my life and become the amazing woman she is becoming.

We all have choices, we make them, and we live with the results of those decisions. Hopefully, if we live intelligently, we learn. And even more so, hopefully we incorporate those lessons into our lives and pass them on to others as a way of helping to make their journey more rewarding. This book has been my attempt to share with you three things. My experience, strength and hope. There was a time when I had only experience, and some very dear friends gave me their strength and taught me how to have hope again. I pray that somewhere in these words I have passed some of that onto you

“Lessons Learned” was originally written as the second half of “Sacred scars” where my intention was to share with you some of the things I have learned along the way. In the following chapters, you will become familiar with some of my personal perceptions, and some of the things that have given me strength and hope along the way. Lessons Learned is not so much about looking to the past, but to the present and the future. How do we carry ourselves? What can we contribute? Who specifically are we now, and who will we become? The chapters will not come in so much a sequential order as in “Sacred Scars” and I will be adding some content since another 10 years of new perceptions have transpired, and will be dedicated to specific subjects that I feel need to be addressed. I hope they help you, as much as they have me.

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The Warrior Sage Part 2: Lessons Learned Chapter/Section

Lessons Learned Through Sacred Scars
Chapter 1: Understanding The Power Of The Sub-Conscious Mind
Chapter 2: Discovering Peace
Chapter 3: Living In The Now
Chapter 4: The Gift Is In The Present Moment
Chapter 5: It's About Choices
Chapter 6: Understanding Change
Chapter 7: The Power Of Modeling
Chapter 8: Being Human - What Does It Mean?
Chapter 9: The Cost Of Living A Dual Life

The Warrior Sage: Sacred Scars Chapter/Section

Who Is Willard Barth?
Author's Notes
Preface - Exploring Strength And Weakness
Chapter 1:1 - The Process Of Self-Awareness
Chapter 1:2 The Stages Of Child Development
Chapter 2:1 The World Changed Forever
Chapter 2:2 The Vicious Cycle Begins
Chapter 2:3 Losing Faith
Chapter 2:4 My Dark Secret
Chapter 2:5 Where Is The Love I Was Promised?
Chapter 3:2 The Road To Alcohol Dependence
Chapter 3:3 Leaving My Childhood Behind
Chapter 3:4 Escaping Responsibility; The Joy Ride Ends
Chapter 3:5 Living A Duality Begins
Chapter 3:6 Out Of Control
Chapter 3:7 Crossing The Line To Insanity
Chapter 3:8 The Black-out Drinking Begins
Chapter 3:9 Facing The Music
Chapter 3:10 A New Beginning
Chapter 3:11 More Lessons To Learn
Chapter 4:1 The Final Party
Chapter 4:2 A Moment Of Clarity
Chapter 4:3 My New Life Begins
Chapter 4:4 Sober, Time To Face The World
Chapter 4:5 The First Year Of Sobriety 
Chapter 4:6 Major Change Comes In Year Two
Chapter 4:7 My Daughter Is Born April 20, 1992
Chapter 5:1 Life Changing Decisions Follow My Daughter's Birth
Chapter 5:2 Recognizing The Voice Inside
Chapter 5:3 The Empress Hotel
Chapter 5:4 A New Chapter In My Life Begins
Chapter 6:1 Finding My Way Home
Chapter 6:2 Falling Into Place
Chapter 6:3 A New Awareness
Chapter 6:4 Personal Finances and Personal Development
Chapter 6:5 The George Washington Story
Chapter 6:6 Letting Go So Others Can Grow
Chapter 6:7 The Wrap Up

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