Create A List Of Affirmations

Create a list of affirmations to recondition your unconscious thoughts that will support you in achieving your goal.

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Day 9: Create a list of affirmations and condition yourself to succeed.Now that you know who you need to become to achieve your outcome, it is time to begin re-training yourself to live as that person from this moment on. Become who you need to be now to achieve what you want in the future.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you go through each day repeating things that create your “Identity”. It is said that 90% of what we think, say and do is exactly the same each day. Over the years we create repetitive patterns that we constantly run that manifest as physical habits, unconscious thought processes and belief systems that ultimately create our core beliefs of who we are. For most people, not only are they not aware of it, but they do not realize that the Identity they are creating is actually preventing them from living the life they desire.

The two most powerful words in any language are “I AM”. Everything you place after those two words, when said with conviction and certainty… becomes your reality. When you combine these ingredients, your unconscious mind accepts the statement without question and starts directing your outward actions to fulfill what you have just proclaimed.

As an example, when you say “I am a failure”, normally you say it with emotion and certainty based on the experience you just “failed” at. So when you say that specific phrase and you have said it with conviction and certainty, your unconscious accepts that as your identity and you begin taking the actions a “failure” would take. Repetition also increases the “conditioning” of this belief. For many of us, over time we have repeated this type of phrase so many times, that we now accept is as a part of our Identity.

So as you are working towards a goal, when you come to obstacles if you have been repeating to yourself over and over that you are a failure, your unconscious will stop you every time you need to take action because it believes that you will “fail” if you try.

It’s time to become aware of the things you say to yourself and take control of that process by creating a list of affirmations that will support you in achieving your desired outcome. Take a moment right now and come up with 5 affirmations that you can say every morning and every night, out loud, to begin reconditioning your conscious and unconscious thought patterns.

The key distinction here is that you follow “I AM” with a statement that is congruent or “completely aligned” with what your conscious mind believes.

Two ingredients to getting the most out of these affirmations are…

1) Start each affirmation with “I AM”. 2) Be honest.

If your goal is to lose 50lbs, do not use an affirmation that says “I am thin”. Be honest with your affirmation by saying something like “I am living in a way that is creating a healthy body.” If that still does not feel honest for you, say “I am beginning to live in a way that is creating a healthy body.“ Or “I am on my way to a healthy ______lb body.” As you begin to become more certain of the affirmation, you can always change it to make it more empowering. The important thing is to be honest s your conscious mind does not resist when you are saying it with certainty.

So make a list of affirmations and begin re-training yourself today. Take control of your unconscious by creating 5 affirmations that direct your attention to who you are looking to become. Review your journal from yesterday, identify 5 things about who you need to be to achieve your goal, and turn them into a list of affirmations.

Remember that the more you repeat this list of affirmations, the faster your unconscious will adopt them and begin supporting you in your journey. 

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