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June 14, 2013

Market America Unfranchise. What is it and is it right for you?

WARNING… This article is going to be quite different from what those of you who have been following me for several years are used to. As those of you who know me are aware, this site is about documenting my own journey of personal growth and self awareness. My life is moving in a new direction that I am truly excited about and the topic of many of my articles and podcasts will be shifting towards sharing that part of my journey. This article is for people with the following interests…

  •  Entrepreneur
  • Self-Motivated
  •  People who wish they had more time freedom
  • People who want more out of life and are not sure how to achieve it
  • People who are tired of working extended hours to make others successful
  • Business owners who are looking for a “better way”
  • People looking for financial freedom

For those of you only looking for the “Self-Awareness” materials I will continue to post them and make sure to denote which are “Personal Growth” and which are “Business”

For those of you who fit the above description… Read on{:~)

My introduction to The Market America Unfranchise System

If you have been following my site for a while you already know that I've spent well over half my life as an entrepreneur. I had my first business when I was 19 and have only worked as an “employee” three times in my life. Once for the Better Business Bureau. Once for a computer company and once as a Telemarketer. Any other work that I have done has either been as someone who was self employed (musician), as an Independent contractor or as an entrepreneur.

Over the years I've had some great success and some tremendous failures. I’ve made over a million dollars and I have been over a quarter of a million in debt. Both have taught me a lot. I’ve lived in a beautiful condo on the beach and also in a high rise looking out my window at the New York City skyline. And I’ve also lived in my car and in a condemned hotel. Those experiences taught me how to be a better person as well as a better business person. I’ve talked a lot about the personal growth in my videos and articles, and right now I will be focusing more on business.

Many of the mentors that I have followed teach that the only way that we truly learn, is through our mistakes. Some people have the gift of taking theoretical lessons and applying them. For me… You could tell me all the right things that I “should” do, but for some reason I needed to “try things my way” and make the mistakes to truly learn the value of the lesson. You could say that I have truly earned my Phd from the School of Hard Knocks.

When people ask me in my role as a business consultant what are some of the greatest lessons that I learned from those experiences, I tell them that I learned the importance of the following things.

  •  The importance of working with the right people
  • The skills to be able to build and managing teams
  • The power of creating systems
  • The lessons of leadership
  • The ability to create leaders
  • And creating wealth by leveraging those teams and systems

If you read my recent article, Legit Home Based Business, you know that recently I have shifted my focus to a new business. With the track record I have as a consultant and the experiences and opportunities that are available because of that track record, people are asking me quite often why I would choose to do something like this new venture rather than continue to build my consultancy. It’s really quite simple.

I’ve truly been blessed in my life. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve made well over a million dollars and I have also gone broke after making it. I started over 4 times in my life with less than $100 to my name. One of those times was in the middle of making that Million and the other was after having made it and then losing it all. The reason I am saying all of this is because one of the greatest lessons I have learned from those experiences and what I have brought to my clients is that if you truly want financial freedom and to be able to live life on your terms… you have to have a plan, you have to have systems in place and you have to have the right people working with you to become successful and more importantly maintain that success.

In today’s economy, now more than ever, people are struggling to make ends meet. As a friend of mine used to say, for many of us “There’s more month than there is money.” As the economy has changed, I have seen very successful and wealthy friends lose everything. One of my friends and clients lost over $1.2 Billion in funding for 2 commercial projects that he was building in NYC in 2008 when Lehman Brothers went out of business. And when he and I were sitting down 2 years later as he was getting back on his feet he shared that his greatest challenge was that every business strategy that he had used for the past 26 years no longer worked.

This is true for a lot of industries. Again in my last article I talk about some of the challenges with the traditional and franchise business models. But I am a big believer that in every obstacle there is an opportunity for something to emerge. Enter The Market America Unfranchise System.

Having been a coach and consultant and also speaking in front of audiences for over 16 years I am constantly approached with different business ideas and opportunities. People are constantly coming to me with businesses they want me to become a part of or invest in. And over the years I have looked at many and become involved in a few. Those experiences have taught me to be VERY selective about what I commit to. I’ve started and invested in traditional businesses. I’ve been involved with franchises even to the point of training Franchisors how to be more effective in growing their businesses. I’ve been hired as a trainer and even joined a few direct sales organizations and network marketing companies.

So last fall when my dear friend and business partner approached me and asked me to look at The Market America Unfranchise System I was willing to look because of my friendship with her, but skeptical and guarded because of my perception of what it was. As I mentioned over the years I have been hired to train at least 4-5 Network Marketing companies and have joined 2 others. My experience with those organizations left me with a less than favorable opinion of the business model and the companies as a whole. I’ll explain more about why later.

So when Samantha asked me to take a look at The Market America Unfranchise  I told her that I would, but that I had so much on my plate at the time being that I was not going to add anything more, especially something “like that”. So I sat down with her, reviewed the business model (only half paying attention) and tried some of the products. Them more because I wanted to support her than anything else, I purchased some of the products and told her that I would do everything that I could to help her build her business, but that I would not join her in the business.

Sam respected my answer and didn’t push. But she was struggling building her team because the person who sponsored her into the Market America Unfranchise was not giving her the support she needed. There was a language barrier. Samantha was born in China and lived there until she was 12 so she has a working knowledge of Mandarin, but her sponsor ONLY spoke Chinese. So when Sam went to her sponsor for help she would often leave more confused than when she arrived. To Sam’s credit, she would scour the web and reach out to corporate to find her answers and stayed committed to building her business.

From time to time she would come to me and ask me to help her learn about the Market America Unfranchise and ask if I would teach her team how to sell and be leaders. Always our discussion would come back to my willingness to help, but the limitation that I was not willing to join the company so I could only teach them skills that aligned with my being a trainer not with my being in the business. In other words, I have a belief that I cannot stand in front of a room and tell someone to do something if I am not willing to do it myself. So if I am not actively building a team in the Market America Unfranchise System then I cannot tell them what they need to do to build one.

But I did believe that there were valuable sales, leadership and communication skills that I could teach them that would align with the company’s training and help them be more effective. So before starting training her team I agreed to go to a Corporate event with Samantha to learn more about the company and learn what they had in place and how my trainings could compliment theirs.

Let me step away from that part of the story for a moment. I have always believed that the concept of Network Marketing was a phenomenal concept. Using the power of relationships to build teams and distribute product has always made sense to me from a business standpoint. We have always heard that “word of mouth” and “referrals” are the best forms of advertising and marketing. So the idea of compensating someone for helping you expose your product or brand has always made sense to me.

Some of the weaknesses that I saw in the business model were as follows (I’ll come back and address each of them individually later)

  1. You are trying to take someone with an employee mindset and employee habits and immediately get them thinking and acting like a business owner. That simply does not happen overnight and it takes some serious training and a commitment to both personal and professional growth to achieve.
  2. Most companies have one product or product line that they are trying to sell. So as a distributor you now have to become a raving fan of the product and your mission is to go out and convert everyone you know to start using it.
  3. The commission structure is set up to where it makes it virtually impossible for an average person (meaning someone who does not have team building, sales and leadership experience) to succeed.
  4. There is limited support for new distributors to become successful. This goes back to my first point of converting someone from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset. If someone has been in a technical or administrative field their whole lives, they more than likely don’t know anything about sales, marketing or team building. So what sales aids and trainings are in place to help them succeed? In most companies that support is limited.Market America Unfranchise

There are many more challenges that I had with the business model but most of those are just subcategories of what I listed above.

So when I went to Miami with Samantha to the Corporate conference my expectation was to look at what they had, find the “holes” and then do my best to create trainings that will fill those holes. I came away from the 3 day event with a completely different mindset about The Market America Unfranchise System.

When I was in Miami I was able to meet with some of the leadership of the Market America Unfranchise and the first thing that I saw was that they really had their program together. The training, the leadership, the systems were some of the best I have ever seen. From personnel to technology I could see that they had invested time, energy and large amounts of capital to make sure that their business model was strong. They took their 21 years of experience in the industry and brought together the strengths of the Franchise model, the Network Marketing model and Internet marketing and combined them in a unique hybrid that accentuated the strengths of each and negated many of the weaknesses.

As I spoke with the leadership and attended the trainings and product symposiums I started to see how everything that I have been working on personally over the past several years fit perfectly within their framework. And even more importantly, everything that I was learning about The Market America Unfranchise System aligned with my own mission of inspiring, educating and empowering people to help them live the life that they desire and deserve. This alignment was extremely important to me because as you can imagine I am very hesitant to get involved with ANY organization because I know that by partnering with them, I am putting my own reputation at stake and I have spent many years rebuilding that reputation that I am now very proud and protective of.

The first thing that impressed me about The Market America Unfranchise System was that they had tremendous training and support in place that took a new distributor by the hand and walked them step by step through the transition from being an employee to a business owner. They focused on the need and value of training and shifting the mindset from one phase of life to the next. They realized and emphasized that to grow in business, personal growth must happen first. And beyond emphasizing it they implemented some phenomenal trainings designed to help new distributors make that shift.Market America Unfranchise

The next thing that really impressed me was their product line. Market America Unfranchise has over 11 divisions and over 2,800 exclusive products. The divisions are diverse with focuses on health and nutrition, weight management, automotive, Internet marketing, financial services, beauty and skin care, anti-aging, health care professionals and even non-profit organizations. Their combination of being a product brokerage and Internet marketing company brings together “high tech” and “high touch” which is the combination that I have worked with other companies for YEARS on trying to get them to integrate into their systems. The diversity of products and services eliminated the issue that so many companies struggle with of having one product or product line and trying to convert people to using that product or service. With Market America Unfranchise it is 100% about identifying the need of the client and matching the right product to the client’s need. Again, this is a skill I have been teaching sales organizations for years.

Then I looked at the commission structure. To explain it in this article is probably not the best way to get the beauty of the system across. Let me simply say this. In most other organizations the way that the compensation system is set up creates a competitive and non-supportive environment for the people you are recruiting in the business. There is more of an incentive to “recruit” than there is to help others become successful. With the Market America Unfranchise System, the ONLY way that someone succeeds is if they help others to succeed. And when you do help them, you are rewarded. ONLY together, as a team can your business grow. The system and the commission structure is 100% reliant on teamwork and collaboration. If you want the details email me and I will take you through the presentation and explain it fully.

And as I have become more and more involved in the training of Samantha’s team and the development of my own I am constantly amazed at the never ending supply of support materials and training available to assist people in selling products and building their teams. Every aspect of the business has step by step by step instructions available on what to do, what to say, how to do it and how to say it. I can’t even imagine the amount of time and capital that has gone into creating these materials but in all my years of business consulting and coaching I have NEVER seen a company have so much support in place for their distributors. Which includes the recent purchase of as the company continues to evolve and focus on the future trends of social shopping. (More to come on later)

Times have changed. The world I grew up in and the hopes of achieving the American Dream have changed. Gone are the days of taking the hobby you love and turning it into a successful business. Yes, a small number of people still do it, but the number who fail is much higher than the number who succeed. Market America Unfranchise

FACT each year in the United States 560,000 new businesses open and 530,000 close.

Competition, lack of business skills and high costs of operating a business have forced people into spending the majority of their lives working for someone else and only “dreaming” of their dreams.

I believe that in this day and age The Market America Unfranchise system  is one of the best vehicles around to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. Yes, I am a Market America Unfranchise owner and I will be happy to personally talk to you and help you see if this may be a fit for you. It may or may not be right for you… either way is ok. But what if… it WERE the right opportunity and you never checked it out?

Email me and let’s find out.

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