Monitor Your Results

Track your progress and examine new opportunities.

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Day 17: Monitor your results so far which will allow you to maintain momentum and change course if needed. Who have you become so far, and who do you still need to become to achieve this goal?

You are 17 steps into the process and have you noticed that you are beginning to change as a person? Are you finding yourself thinking and acting differently? What are you still working on? What could you intelligently do to accelerate your progress?

You’re almost to the finish line now… it’s just in front of you! Now is the time to work smarter… not harder. Are you happy with how far you have come? Is it time to refocus on those few actions that get you the greatest results?

Remember to work intelligently. Look at what still needs to happen and isolate 2-3 things that will accelerate your progress the most! What can you do right now that will get you the closest… the fastest? Be smart about this, and identify those things that if you did more of them, or did these things more frequently, would move you more quickly to your goal?

Just because you are changing… it doesn’t mean you are growing. Growth is a choice! Being the kind of person who has come this far, chances are that you are one of the 3% of the population who is truly dedicated to living your life at a higher level of awareness.

Go back to the very first day of your journal to monitor your results so far, and reflect on who you were when you began. Think about how you have changed so far. What have been some of the most noticeable changes? How do you see yourself now, versus when you began? What are some of the words you would use to describe who you are now? How does that make you feel?

Who you are today, is the result of choices you made yesterday. If you are still working towards your goal… what choices do you need to make, and who do you still need to become? 

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