Overcoming Anxiety
To Achieve Your Outcome

The difference between success and failure is determined by how you deal with fear.

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Day 11: Overcoming anxiety one step at a time. One of the greatest challenges that people face when making changes in their lives is overcoming anxiety as they release the past and move towards the future. This is a natural part of the process and as you acknowledge that it is, it will allow you to move past the fears and create the life you desire. Change is scary. Change as I have mentioned earlier is not easy.

What fears are coming up for you as you have been taking the past few steps?

What stops most people from ever reaching their goal… is themselves. It’s not circumstances… it’s not lack of opportunity. It’s the fact that they allow their fears to rob them of what they desire, and they discount the potential they have because they don’t recognize their true strengths. What strengths do you have that will help you stay committed to the outcome no matter what the challenge?

“You step into a whole new reality when you understand that life truly begins… at the end of your Comfort Zone” – Willard Barth

So how do you overcome anxiety when the goal you have set for yourself may have you stepping way outside your comfort zone? The most successful people are not people who have no fear. They are the people who have fear… but do it anyway. Pay attention to your fears. They are a guide. Fear is not something that is supposed to make you stop, but rather an internal signal that tells you that you may need to learn something, or that you are not using your best resource for this specific task and you need to change your approach.

Fear will also alert you to beliefs systems you may have about yourself that are limiting you… not only in this endeavor, but in every area of your life. Understand this one thing… you have the power to change what you believe about yourself… and change your life!

A key to overcoming anxiety is to understand that you are never going to get rid of “fear”. We have a part of our nervous system that is known as “Fight or Flight”. It’s a part of our DNA. It has been there for as long has man has existed to aid in survival.

Understand this next piece… and you hold the key to overcoming ALL your fears. When you have fear and want to take flight, the way to overcome anxiety it is to take action. FOCUSED INTELLIGENT ACTION. When a fear arises, you will know you have a choice to run backward or advance. Take one step, and that will continue your momentum moving forward.

What fears are coming up as you go through this process? Enter them into your journal. Look at them one by one. Now… do what 97% of people never do… ask yourself this question, “What strength or resource do I have that can help me to overcome this fear?” “What have I done in the past when I faced a fear like this and overcame it?” Enter it into your journal and then… TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY!

Fear totally disappears in the face of action. Overcoming anxiety is about finding your strength, and putting it into action NOW! 

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