Pay It Forward
The Self-Awareness 101 Video Series 

Pay It Forward; An Introduction To Self-Awareness 101. A Series Designed To Inspire, Educate and Empower.

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Hello. My name is Willard Barth, and I want to welcome you to our new video series, "Self-Awareness 101".

After having spent the past 20 years focusing on my own journey of self-awareness, leading seminars and doing one on one coaching I've decided to "pay it forward". If you are not familiar with the term, it comes from a movie by the same name. In the movie Pay It Forward, a teacher asks his students to "Think of an idea to change our world - and put it into action." In the movie a young boy puts into action an idea called "Pay It Forward". The idea is about doing something to help others without asking for something in return for yourself. What he did ask, was that the person receiving the help then "pay it forward" by helping 3 others and asking them to do the same. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

This video series is a part of my attempt to Pay It Forward. Over the next several months, we're going to be releasing short video messages designed to help you on your personal development journey, and on your journey to self-awareness. Now, some of these videos are going to be ideas and lessons that have been shared by some of the greatest teachers in the areas of psychology, spirituality, finance, relationships, personal transformation and health. Other videos are going to be skills and strategies that I have personally used to help me overcome challenges or create specific outcomes in my own life. Ultimately, the intention of this series is to open your mind to new possibilities, to give you ideas, skills and resources that you can apply in your own journey, and to give you a forum where if you choose, you can also pay it forward by sharing your experiences with others looking for direction.

Albert Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved with the same mind that created it. When you open your mind to new possibilities, anything becomes possible.

Right now people are asking all sorts of questions. From issues they are facing within their homes to a issues that affect people at a global level. People are trying to figure out what to do... about the economy, about the environment, within their relationships with one another and relationships with people around the world.

As people look for answers, one of the challenges that they will face is that they don't realize that all change begins within. So many are looking elsewhere for the answers. One of my mentors, Wayne Dyer, recently released a book called,Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life. Such a simple statement, but so true.

Here is a personal example of how that concept worked for me. I lost my left leg to cancer when I was 8 years old. And the driving focus for a good 14 years was, "Why me?" Everything that I focused on was about me being a victim and losing my leg. I believed that I was being punished. I thought that I did something wrong. I had a belief that society was against me. And those thoughts, those beliefs drove every action and created my reality.

Then there came a point where I changed that focus from "Why me?" to "How can I use this experience, how can I use all of the things that losing my leg led me to learn, to serve others? How can I use these things to teach, to help other people avoid the outcomes and the mistakes that I made?"

Think about this for a minute: One idea can change your life. Let me say this again. One idea can change your life. Sometimes that change will be dramatic and instant, and other times it will be a small shift, that over time expands until you find yourself in a whole new place.

I want to be very clear. I am not sitting here saying that I'm going to be the person who's giving you the idea that will dramatically change your life. The reason we're setting up Self-Awareness 101, and this website the way that we are, is to offer you inspiration, education, empowerment. We intend to give you the spark, the idea that will get the ball rolling. You will then be able to communicate in an online community, sharing what specifically that skill, that strategy, that idea means to you, and how you've either applied it in the past in your life, or how you can see applying that skill now can make dramatic changes for you.

We know that some people who come to these videos and articles will be new to their journey of personal development and self-awareness. And that others will have invested years in studying different approaches that have given them tremendous benefits along the way. It is our intention to create a place where the new person can ask questions, and those who desire to, can share their experiences to help others along the way. Again, "One idea can change your life."

So I thank you for allowing me to play my part as I pay it forward. I welcome you, and I invite you to become a part of our journey here with Self-Awareness 101. 

    EP 1: Developing Self-Awareness > 

Self-Awareness 101 Series with Transcription Plus

Introduction To Self-Awareness 101:  To Inspire, Educate and Empower
SA 101 Episode 1:  The Importance of Developing Self-Awareness 
SA 101 Episode 2:  How to Truly Learn from Mistakes
SA 101 Episode 3:  To Soar, I Needed To Let Go Of The Past
SA 101 Episode 4:  The Meaning That We Give Things
SA 101 Episode 5:  Kind Words And Good Deeds Are Eternal
SA 101 Episode 6:  Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone
SA 101 Episode 7:  Two Most Powerful Words You'll Ever Say
SA 101 Episode 8:  Making Time For What's Truly Important
SA 101 Episode 9:  Expectations and Desires About How It Ought To Be
SA 101 Episode 10:  Tap Into The Sources Of The Universe
SA 101 Episode 11:  The Four Agreements
SA 101 Episode 12:  Courage-Being Scared But Saddling Up Anyways
SA 101 Episode 13:  The Power Of Belief Systems
SA 101 Episode 14:  Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional
SA 101 Episode 15:  Establishing Personal Boundaries; It's OK To Say No
SA 101 Episode 16:  Encountering External Resistance To Change
SA 101 Episode 17:  Creating A Supportive Environment
SA 101 Episode 18:  Our Decisions Determine Who We Become
SA 101 Episode 19:  Personal Development Tests
SA 101 Episode 20:  A List Of Excuses Vs. Results
SA 101 Episode 21:  The Meaning Of Honesty
SA 101 Episode 22:  Living In Gratitude
SA 101 Episode 23:  Repetitive Patterns
SA 101 Episode 24:  Non-Verbal Cues
SA 101 Episode 25:  Be Brave Enough To Accept The Help Of Others
SA 101 Episode 26:  Positive Thoughts And Positive Intentions
SA 101 Episode 27:  Active Listening Skills
SA 101 Episode 28:  How Self-Awareness Relates To Spirituality
SA 101 Episode 29:  Positive Affirmations 
SA 101 Episode 30:  Basic Meditation Exercises
SA 101 Episode 31:  Personal Development At Work
SA 101 Episode 32:  Toxic Shame
SA 101 Episode 33:  Eliminating Clutter
SA 101 Episode 34:  How To Forgive Others
SA 101 Episode 35:  Self-Forgiveness
SA 101 Episode 36:  Deepening Self-Awareness
SA 101 Episode 37:  What Is Fear?
SA 101 Episode 38:  How To Overcome Fear
SA 101 Episode 39:  Dealing With Your Anger
SA 101 Episode 40:  How To Find Your Passion
SA 101 Episode 41:  Increasing Your Self-Awareness
SA 101 Episode 42:  How To Feel Deserving
SA 101 Episode 43:  How To Be A Humble Observer
SA 101 Episode 44:  Progress Not Perfection
SA 101 Episode 45:  Expectations And Perfectionism
SA 101 Episode 46:  Dealing With Anger
SA 101 Episode 47:  Taking Responsibility For Yourself
SA 101 Episode 48:  Achieving Higher Consciousness
SA 101 Episode 49:  Trust Life
SA 101 Episode 50:  Being Skeptical
SA 101 Episode 51:  Benefits Of Closure
SA 101 Episode 52:  The Final Episode

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