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Joel’s newsletter on Perfect Alignment, July 22, 2009

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Perfect alignment

Today one of those rare natural phenomena occurs - a total solar eclipse. It's not visible from the USA, but if you're in India or China, you have a chance of seeing the biggest eclipse of the century and probably your lifetime. It will be viewed by the most number of people ever, and it will be one of the longest possible eclipses - over 6 minutes of totality.

It all happens simply because the sun and moon become perfectly aligned. When there's perfect alignment, amazing things can happen. The vast corona of the sun, normally invisible, suddenly appears in all its glory. When the alignment is just slightly off, the corona disappears.

The power of alignment applies not only to celestial bodies, but also to things we use every day, and even to our own lives. Being in alignment or out of alignment can make all the difference.

When a laser is aligned properly, it can read the microscopic tracks on a CD, and you hear the music. When it is slightly out of alignment, the CD won't play at all. When a radio receiver is aligned with the broadcast frequency, you can hear the station perfectly clearly. When it is a little off, all you get is noise.

A business that is in perfect alignment with the needs and desires of the market is likely to be highly successful. When there's a mismatch, it will struggle to survive.

When a person's actions are aligned with their values, they will surely experience peace and happiness. Otherwise they will feel frustration, guilt, or uneasiness. When an individual's career is aligned with their life purpose, things tend to work out in amazing ways. If they don't follow their true purpose, their life may never be truly fulfilling. When two people in a relationship are aligned in their beliefs, attitudes and interests, their relationship is much more likely to last and bring real happiness.

There are many other examples of the power of perfect alignment. How many can you think of?

By the way, I was in the path of a total solar eclipse once (Hawaii 1991), but clouds came and by the time they cleared, the moon had already moved away from direct center. Come to think of it, some things in my life were out of alignment back then, too. I wonder if there was some connection...

Want to find out how to bring more alignment into your life? Contact Coach Joel,, 973-635-1048.

Creative thinking tip

Do you ever feel blocked when trying to come up with an idea for something you want to create? Maybe you're trying to write an article, give a talk, or think of a name for a product or something. Nothing that you like comes to mind. You may even be procrastinating on the whole thing.

Here's another approach. If you can't think of one idea regarding what you want to do, trying coming up with ten ideas. Totally illogical? Maybe, but give it a try anyway. You see, when you go for ten instead of one, your mind shifts into a more creative mode. You let go of the need to have it be perfect or good enough the first time. The point isn't to come up with ten perfect ideas, just ten possible ideas. Once you generate the first few, you get on a roll and it becomes easier. You'll still have to think, but you may be surprised how readily the ideas begin to flow. And if you find that ten is too easy, try going for twenty! Then all you have to do is pick one of those ideas and take it from there.

I used this method when I was trying to come up with a topic around a theme for the next issue. I had the general theme of an anniversary in my head all day, but no ideas came to me. Then I decided to see if I could write ten possible ideas around anniversary. Within a couple minutes I had ten usable ideas! Wow! I felt like I was halfway there already. All I have to do now is write the article.

Quote of the week

"At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you." - Goethe 

What this means to me is that when you make a definite decision to do something, people and events seem to come to your aid or work out in your favor. I believe that it's mainly because you've let go of resistance, and therefore you feel free to move forward. There's nothing blocking your energy anymore. Other people sense that and they align with you. And when there's alignment, all kinds of things are possible!

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