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A 21 step process for discovering your own personal development plan for success.

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Day 1: Getting Back To The Basics Of Your Personal Development Plan.Everyone has had success of some sort in their lives. When you achieved that success whether you realize it or not, you followed a specific strategy, something I’m going to refer to as a “personal development plan” to achieve that success. There is a formula that you apply that allows you to achieve the specific result you desire. Then what usually happens for many people is they begin changing the formula. There are usually two reasons for this, 1) they were never aware of the specifics of the personal development plan they used and 2) without knowing that plan they try things that seem “easier”. And just like any successful formula, when you begin changing things without a “baseline” to refer to, the probability for success dramatically decreases. What we are going to discuss today is understanding your own "success formula".

Every one of us has a “recipe for success” that acts as a road map leading us from the conception of an idea to its completion. If you are not aware of your personal development plan, the next 21 days are designed to help you figure out exactly what yours is, and how to apply it to achieve ANYTHING you desire. Think of it this way. If you were given an award winning cake recipe, and if you followed that recipe to the letter, what would you end up with when you were done? My guess is that you would get something similar to an award winning cake. And having that baseline recipe, the next time you use the recipe, you may make slight adjustments to improve on the last result you achieved. But without that initial recipe, it could take you thousands of attempts and you would probably never come close.

This process will help you identify what your recipe is, and allow you to take consistent action to move you towards your goal.

Success is not complicated; it is a series of consistent steps taken on a daily basis. What happens for many of us is that once we achieve success, we start looking for “easier” ways, but what has always worked, has always worked... and always will work. Simple laws govern success. Consistency of purpose, actions with quantifiable results, measuring those results and applying what you have learned all contribute to aligning with those laws. We often begin thinking we know easier ways, but I will say this again… what has always worked, has always worked... And will always work. Can you improve on the recipe? Absolutely, but you need to know what the recipe is before you can make any improvements.

Over the next 21 days, I am going to share with you a personal development plan that has worked for myself and many others as well as offer exercises that will help you discover your own personal recipe for success. Through this process I’ll also offer you ideas of how to improve the recipe you have been using if you are already aware of it. Some of these exercises will be quite simple, and others may take some time and focus. In the end, I believe that you will have a clear idea of how to achieve more consistent results in any area that you apply these principles.

Today, write down 3 things you have achieved in the past that you are proud of. As you do, think of some of the things about those experiences that you believed was a part of your personal “recipe” and list them. When you are finished, make the decision to commit the next 21 days to following this program and finding your personal development plan for success! 

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