Increase Your
Personal Self-Awareness

Who’s the person you must become to achieve this goal?

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Day 8: Increase your personal self-awareness; There is someone you need to become to achieve your goal. A huge paradigm shift for me came when I realized that my idea of why I was setting goals was all backwards. I used to think that achieving the goal was what would make me feel fulfilled. Yet so many times, I achieved the goal and felt empty asking myself, “Is this all there is?” Then I was introduced to the idea that “It’s not about the goal. It’s about who you have to become to achieve the goal.”

Have you ever been working on achieving an outcome, and you ask a mentor or a coach what you need to do to take the next step… maybe you seem to keep running into the same obstacle over and over again, and when they tell you specifically what you need to do you say, “I can’t do that. That’s just not me.” In that statement, you just summed up why you will never achieve the goal you have set.

Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” And the “you” who you currently are, will not take the actions that need to be taken to create a new outcome. If the current you would… it would already have been done. Personal self-awareness is the key. Who are you now, and who do you need to become to achieve your goal?

Over time you have created certain habits and rituals that you may not even be aware of that hold you where you are. Have you ever found yourself in the position where you know you should do something… and you don’t? I was listening to David DeAngelo speak about people living an illusion that they are “in control”. He asked the audience, “Is there something in your life that you are not doing… that you know if you did it every day for the next year… you would be in a totally different place in your life?” His point being that if someone was truly in control, they would not be “stuck”. They would have a level of personal self-awareness that would allow them to recognize the patterns that they are currently running, and make the changes they needed to that would move them forward.

Again, if being who you have been was enough… you would already have achieved this goal. You have amazing resources inside of you, everything you need, and now is the time to choose who you are going to become.

Imagine achieving your goal right now. Again, begin with the end in mind. What do you look like? Who would you have to be to live that vision? What belief systems would you live by? What kind of habits would you have? How do you act? What new and empowering thoughts are you having? How would you define yourself? How would the people around you describe you? Identify the things that are different than how you have been living, and enter them into you journal.

Get crystal clear on who you need to become to achieve this goal. 

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