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Joel’s newsletter on Place Of Power, September 30, 2009

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A couple nights ago I watched a TV program on America's National Parks. The program featured John Muir, who spent much time communing with nature in the Sierras and the area which is now Yosemite National Park. While the life of John Muir is fascinating in many ways, there was one point that struck me. After Muir spent years working at his in-laws' farm, his health declined. His wife suggested he go back to the mountains and the wilderness that he loved, which he did. He even climbed Mount Rainier in his weakened condition. The experience actually gave him renewed strength. His health improved, and he went on to write articles and lobby for more National Parks.

The point is that the mountains and the wilderness was a source of strength for Muir (and for me too!). I like to call that a "place of power". I believe that we all have our own place of power - somewhere that we can go where we feel renewed energy. It may be a physical place or a special kind of environment. It may be a particular kind of activity. It might mean being with certain people. It's different for different persons. For John Muir it was the pristine wilderness. It was a special place to him, where he could witness the Creator in action through nature and feel the spiritual connection.

What is your place of power? You might even have several such places. Maybe, like John Muir, it's a place of natural wonder and beauty. Or maybe it's somewhere closer to home.

For some it might be sitting in your favorite chair. It might be lying under a special tree. It might be in a busy café, where you feel inspired to write your first novel. For Thomas Edison, it was likely being in his laboratory. For Pablo Casals, playing his instrument unlocked the effects of old age. For a public speaker it could be standing on the podium in front of an audience. It might be reading a special inspiring book. It could a sporting event, if that's what gets you revved up. It might be when you're engaged in doing your work if it's something you really love.

What does it mean to be in your place of power? It's a special place where you feel strength and renewal. You feel empowered and come alive. You're functioning at your best. You feel a surge of confidence within you. You might experience it as a connection with a higher power. Problems and difficulties fall away, or at least they don't overwhelm you as much. You know you can handle them. You might find that you're more creative in your power place.

You have to find your own place of power. It depends on you - who you are, what you do best, what draws you. Maybe you had a good experience there in the past. Maybe it's someplace where you feel really safe or where you have a sense of freedom.

You might not even be aware of it until you look for it. Muir didn't discover the wilderness until he was in his twenties. If you're not sure, just notice how you are in different situations and see which ones make you feel more alive. Then check them out again and observe what's different.

Why is it important to find your place of power? It's useful to know where that is, because you can go there when you want to feel renewed and re-energized. Or when you have something important that you need to do and want to be at your best. When you know and recognize your place of power, you can go back there whenever you wish.

A place of power is more than just a favorite place or a place where you feel comfortable. You may feel comfortable in bed, but is that a place of power? You may have favorite TV programs, but do they give you power? We're talking about a place that allows you to be your best and tap into a deeper source of energy so that you can be and do more than you can normally.

When you enter your place of power, you might feel an instant shift. Or perhaps it might take time to settle into it. But you do feel something, and if you let it in and allow yourself to get in touch with the higher energy, then you'll feel a real change. And then it's time to use that energy for constructive purposes, whatever that may be to you.

Working with work with a Coach is one of the best ways to find your power place and to get the most from that. And there are many additional benefits, too! So why not contact Coach Joel at 973-701-1007 or and give yourself that gift!

Creative thinking tip

Try exaggerating, (a million times if you like)! Last night I went to a Tall Tales speaking contest, and I was impressed with the quality of the talks. The speakers used exaggeration in creative and humorous ways, and it made a very fun evening.

Exaggeration is actually a good way to stretch your thinking. You imagine things to be bigger, faster, better, more numerous, or more extreme than they really are. Then consider what that would mean. Playing with exaggeration can yield some very creative ideas. The ideas might not be practical at first, but they can definitely get you thinking beyond conventional limits and go places in your mind that you might never have been before and would not otherwise go.

What would it be like if cars traveled 150 miles per hour? Or if they got 80 miles per gallon of gas? What would it mean if computers were as small as a fingernail? What about having a conference call with 1000 people? What if you could get a loan approved in 30 seconds? What if you could travel to another planet and back for a weekend getaway? What if you got paid $10,000 an hour? Some of these might even have been achieved already. And others may not be that far off. But the purpose is not necessarily to achieve big technological breakthroughs, although that may happen. The point is to use your imagination and see what comes of it.

For example, if you imagine cars getting 80 or more miles per gallon, then perhaps there would not have to be as many gas stations in town. So the space those stations occupy could be used in other ways. Or perhaps gas tanks could be smaller. Maybe the cars themselves would be much smaller. What would that mean? Or imagine making $10,000 an hour. How much time would you have to work in a year? What kind of work would be worth that much? How might people treat you differently?

Exaggerating is simply a way to get the creative process going. Who knows where it may lead? Try it yourself and see!

Creative Ways - Your input needed!

I'm looking for creative ways to do all kinds of practical everyday things, and I will post them for easy access.

This week I'm looking for creative ways to make money - something that people might be interested in during this economic recession.

Please let me know any creative ways to make money that you've thought of or heard of and let me know! Just click here to email me your ideas. (Also let me know if you want me to include your name and how you want it to appear). Thanks! - Coach Joel

Quote of the week

"Going to the mountains is going home." - John Muir

This simple quote by Muir means to me that that we are part of nature, and so we naturally feel at home there. Being in the presence of the mountains with their majesty and strength, helps us feel the strength and greatness in ourselves. And we can see much farther than usual with the help of the mountain. Maybe being home is being in our place of power.

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