Recap Your Success

Recap your success based on where you are now and your new awareness of who you are.

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Day 19: Recap your success based on your new awareness of who you are... Who have you become? By now… you have either achieved your goal… or made tremendous progress towards it. The key to maintaining momentum in your life, is recognizing who you have become, and embracing that as “the new YOU”! Embracing this new YOU, is the key to sustainability. Earlier in the process we talked about the power of “I AM”. Now that you have made so many fabulous adjustments to how you have been living your life, it’s time to take a breath… and choose how you describe the new YOU based on those AMAZING things you have done, and the INCREDIBLE choices and decisions you have made.

Ultimately… you choose who YOU will BE! You can accept the “labels” that other people give you, you can choose a life based on your past experiences, or you can design the life you deserve by choosing the life YOU desire, and living it… EVERY DAY!

Right now… enter into your journal affirmations that describe the NEW YOU. We’re going to do it in this format to make it even more powerful. I AM ________________________ because _____________________ Use as many words to describe your “I AM” and your “because” as you need to make you feel absolutely EXCITED about the YOU that you’re creating.

Example: I AM an amazing father focused on being the best I can be every moment because my family deserves the very best. They deserve time, attention, support and love that only I am capable of giving them.

Or something as short as: I AM a winner because… I AM

So recap your success to this point, then enter a minimum of 5 “I AM/because” statements in your journal right NOW!!! 

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