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Joel’s newsletter on A Look At The Year, December 30, 2009

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I spent several days around Christmas at my sister's home in Maryland with eleven other family members. It is rather rare all of for us to be together like that. We had a very nice time there, and as we left to go home I felt that it would be good to get together like that more often!

Since it's the end of the year, this led me to thinking about how much time I spent with family over the last twelve months. I also thought about all the things I did this past year, how much time I spent doing them, and whether that time was well spent.

One of the things we explore in life coaching is - how does the time you spend line up with your values or what's most important to you? So I thought this would be a good time to ask myself this question.

Here are few of my own values and my assessment of how well I feel that I lived up to them over the last year.

Being with family - I did spend a fair amount of time with family, but I feel that it's still not enough. There are some people I hadn't seen at all this year, and some relatives I only met for the first time at a family reunion.

Working - This is where I spent most of my time, and I think it was perhaps too much. Although I do like working in general, most of it isn't really the kind of work I would like most to be doing. So this is an area to make some changes.

Health and fitness - I enjoy walking and dancing, which is good exercise, but I could pay more attention to how I eat and make sure I get enough sleep. Those are important to health, too!

Reading and writing - I feel that these are about right. I've been writing this newsletter every week since June 2009, and that feels good to me, although I would enjoy writing a little more on the side. I've done a good amount of reading, although I would have liked to read more in the areas of science and spirituality.

Creativity - This is an important area to me. Although I have done a fair amount of creative thinking and creative projects over the past year, I would like to find ways to tap into my creative abilities even more.

Being organized - This is an area where I seem to constantly fall short. So I would like to focus on being more organized. I don't mean necessarily to spend a lot of time, but rather to be more efficient and systematic.

Celebrating - Yes, we've had birthdays and other parties throughout the year, but I believe that you can't have too much when it comes to celebrating. So why not find something to celebrate every day?

Nature and ecology - I did get to go on walks and hikes and visit some beautiful nature preserves. And I did my part to help clean up the litter. So I feel good about this one.

Making a difference - This is another area that's important to me. In small ways I believe I've made a difference to other people, but I would like to contribute on a larger scale.

Being happy - I believe that I've been pretty happy most of the time. Sometimes I get frustrated or discouraged, but usually I can bounce back quickly. I find that if you're generally happy, then everything else in life is usually in balance.

Looking at the past year gives me something to think about in setting priorities and goals for the year ahead.

How was the year for you? I invite you to think about what's most important to you in your life, and then to ask yourself how well the year lined up with those values. And then, based on your own assessment, perhaps you could make some new choices about the year to come. Contact Coach Joel

Let's talk about your values and what's most important to YOU. Please contact me at joel@coachjoel.com or 973-701-1007 for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

Creative thinking tip

It's not all black and white. We tend to see things as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, etc. But things are rarely that simple. There are always shades of gray, and perhaps some colors, too.

A creative thinker finds merit to both sides of an argument. Instead of saying that the machine is broken, an observant thinker will see which parts work and which parts don't, and maybe find a creative way to fix it. Instead of giving up when things seem to go wrong, a creative and optimistic person will see the value in what's still working and will be able to proceed or find a new way.

Creative thinkers don't jump too quickly to conclusions, but remain flexible and open to what's possible.

Quote of the week

"May you live all the days of your life." - Jonathan Swift

This interesting quote reminds me that we often spend our time trying to get somewhere or get something done. Ultimately what matters is that we've really lived each day. Knowing what's most important to us, I believe, can help to put it all in perspective.

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