Trust Life

Self-Awareness 101 Episode 49: Trust Life

In this episode Willard discusses the concept of trusting life. He shares his belief that as you progress on this journey of self-awareness, trust life that you will find the right answers and that every experience that happens will be a part of creating the life you truly desire.

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Today we are going to discuss the concept, trust life.

Along this journey and throughout this series people have asked me what is one of the biggest distinctions I made that really lead to some of the greatest growth in my life. I have shared in the past that there has not been just one, because as I’ve progressed to certain levels of understanding, I would make new distinctions took me to deeper levels of understanding.

Learning to trust life was one of these. As you may have heard me talk about in previous episodes acceptance was another, and learning to live in gratitude was another. And just like learning to practice acceptance and living in gratitude, trusting life was something I had to build up to. I believe if someone had told me at the very beginning of my journey that I needed to trust life, I would of thought they were totally crazy because at that point I didn’t trust anything. I couldn’t trust myself how could I trust life?

Over time what I have learned and what I have come to adopt as a belief system for myself is that everything happens for a reason. And a part of adopting that belief has been about coming to believe that all these things that happen actually serve us in becoming who it is that we desire to be. Now I had not always perceived things in my life that way. But as I began to explore this new possibility and explored how it may impact me, I looked back at my life and I examined some of the greatest accomplishments as well as some of what I used to perceive as the greatest tragedies; when I stepped away from it and looked at it as a humble observer rather than attaching all this meaning and all this judgment to it, I was able to see that these experiences actually helped me to transition to a new place in my life.

I also realized that trusting life was a fundamental ingredient I needed if I were to even beginning to attempt living a life that I desired. The ability to trust life would ultimately lead to success and fulfillment in many areas of my life.

A quick side note, trust life is also a concept that I refer to as one of “The 7 Keys For Success and Fulfillment”. Jerry and I just finished a huge project creating a video for our newsletter subscribers. Usually our videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long; this video that we just completed is 30 minutes long and it is called “The 7 Keys For Success and Fulfillment”. What I talk about in this video are the key ingredients I found present in every person I have every met who is both successful and fulfilled. Trust life is one of the topics I cover, and there are 6 other key ingredients I talk about in the video. I do invite you to sign up for the newsletter and watch that video. Both the newsletter and the video are free. We are not going to be releasing that video publicly because we created it as special thanks for the people who subscribe to our newsletter.

So let me get back to this concept of trust life. When Jerry and I first started this project of creating videos for Self-Awareness 101 we had no idea of what would happen with them. Actually, we still don’t. I mean we are wrapping up this series, and there is much more that we are discussing and working on that is still to come for the web site. But when we sat down a little over a year ago to have our first conversation about what we wanted to create and the journey we were about to embark on, we really had no idea what the reaction would be and what the response would be. We believed, based on what we saw going on in our communities and globally, that people were stressed out and looking for something to help them stay focused. The economy was a mess. There were all sorts of fear manifesting over transitions that were happening within local communities and at a global level. As we looked at what was happening, we knew that we wanted to do something that would help. The idea was that we would share our experiences and we wanted to take the collective knowledge that we had gained over the years and simply give it to people.

In choosing to do this, we really had to trust life on what the outcome would be because our intention was to educate, to inspire and to empower people through sharing these experiences, skills and strategies. We hoped to create a community where people would come together and support each other, but did we have any guarantee that it was going to work? We had no clue. We only know what we believed we could do to help and we had an honorable intention. So we had to trust life. We had to trust that as we would start committing to these long hours of setting and setting up all the lighting, and researching the topic and filming that people would find their way to these videos and they would get value.

Someone may ask, “What did you need to trust life for? It doesn’t seem like it is such a big deal.” Most people see a few of these 5 or 10 minute videos and do not realize that there are literally 100s of man hours that have gone into creating this series Self-Awareness 101. Many times Jerry and I have spent 7 to 8 hours in a night setting up the equipment, shooting multiple variations of an episode, discussing what we can improve and then having to tear down and pack up all that equipment sometimes wrapping up at 6AM. Then Jerry goes over the video numerous times and decides where to add text and graphics. Then he renders it into formats that we are able to upload to various sites. Then someone sits and listens to the videos and transcribes them. Then I sit down and go over that transcription and make adjustments to help give more clarity to the topic we covered. There is a huge investment of time, energy and capital into an episode before it ever makes it to our site.

Another thing that people are not aware of is that if you were to sit down and watch this series from beginning to end; if you were to watch all 52 episodes and the introduction, there is over 6 hours of material for you to watch. That is comparable to 3 feature length films!

Now I need to tell you that I am not saying that to impress you. As Tony Robins would say I am saying that to impress upon you, that we put all of this time, energy and money into this knowing that we needed to trust life. We needed to trust that the message would reach the people who would resonate with it. We needed to trust that we would grow as individuals through the process of doing this series.

The beautiful thing for me is that in choosing to trust life I have received numerous gifts. I have grown as a person and I have grown professionally. This experience has opened me up to new friendships and new opportunities. It has rekindled friendships and connections with people I have not seen in years. And it all has happened because we decided that we were going to step outside of our comfort zone and trust life.

There is another aspect to this concept of “trust life” I want to discuss which is many times we will set a goal or we have a specific intention or desire that we are focused on. Or maybe we are working with the law of attraction believing that we can manifest our dreams. As a part of the process of creating what we desire, we are so focused on the outcome and all of a sudden it seems like everything that is the complete opposite of what we are trying to achieve happens. How do we trust life when everything that we are working on seems to be falling apart?

What I have learned is that if I choose to trust life, and I do believe that is a choice, the meaning that we attach to anything is always our choice. When I choose to trust life I can find the gifts in every experience. When the exact opposite of what I desire in my life shows up I can recognize that I am not being “denied” what I desire, rather I need to learn other lessons as a form of preparing me to be ready for what I desire. As I have looked back in my life I have recognized that many times before I get to the outcome I wanted, if I was willing to trust life, the obstacle or the challenges that came up were actually the Universe or my unconscious, whatever you want to attribute it to, it was creating the opportunities for me to learn the skills that I needed in order to successfully achieve the goal that I had set for myself.

I believe that getting to the place of learning to trust life has probably been one of the most freeing experiences of my journey.

What I invite you to do as an exercise for this week, is to sit down with your journal and I want you to write down some of the greatest achievements you have experienced in your life and also some of the most challenging or traumatic experiences. Then I want you to become a humble observer as you review those experiences. If you are not familiar with that term I discussed it in a recent episode where I talked about removing judgment and looking at it from just the perception of observation. Then as you detach from the emotion of judgment, ask yourself, “Where did this experience lead me? What were the gifts that came from this experience? How could I of transitioned even faster if I had learned to trust life rather then fighting tooth and nail?”

Many people I know who apply this have found that lot when you trust life you are allowing life to help you let go of where you are at that moment, to allow you to move into where you desire to be.

I look forward to your feedback and your comments. I look forward to connecting again soon. Take care 

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