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Joel’s newsletter on Visioning Lab, October 7, 2009

An ezine about Creative thinking, Coaching, and Making a difference 

Walt Disney had one.
Martin Luther King had one. 
Bill Gates had one.
Michelangelo had one.
Just about every true leader or innovator had one.

They all had more than just a vague idea of what they wanted to achieve. And history shows the results.

What exactly is a "vision", and how important is it? The term vision is often used loosely to mean a statement or mental image to guide an individual or group in a certain direction. Companies have their corporate vision. Leaders have a vision to help inspire and lead the team. An individual person can have a vision of something they want to achieve in their life.

To me a vision, not to be confused with a goal, is very simple. A goal defines where you want to go. A vision is what it looks like. It's a picture of your destination, either in your mind, or in some other form.

Whether your goal is to get a job, increase sales, run a successful meeting, cook dinner, organize your office, wash the car, or anything else, it is possible to visualize the outcome. When you have that picture of whatever you're trying to accomplish, you have a vision.

How important is it to have a vision of your goal?

Suppose you're putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Imagine that there's no picture on the box. How difficult would it be then? You'd might get it done eventually, if you had enough patience, but it would take a very long time.

Or imagine a builder building a house. He knows it's supposed to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. But there are no blueprints. Would it be possible to build that house without the diagrams? Even if he did succeed, would you trust that the house would stand and be useable?

A leader has a vision, otherwise how could he/she lead the team to the desired goal? The vision inspires the leader, who then inspires the troops, to keep going when things get rough or unclear. Without a vision, it can be pretty hopeless. And the people may even perish.

Visioning is an important aspect of creative thinking. Creative thinking is not only coming up with a new idea; it's also developing that idea into a full picture. Visioning or visualizing is using the mind to create an image beyond what you see right in front of you. Your eyes might see a pile of wood, but your mind constructs a finished piece of furniture. Visioning is the artist and craftsperson of your mind.

Visioning isn't just idealistic thinking. It's very practical and useful. What do you want to do, be, change, accomplish? Find a new job, write a book or article, plan a wedding, grow your business to a new level of success? Then you can definitely benefit by having a vision of that project or thing you want.

For simple goals, you can often find your way as you go. It's only necessary to see the next step. But for bigger or challenging goals, having a vision of the end result makes a big difference.

I believe that a vision is extremely important to success. And yet most people put little effort and attention on developing a vision. If they have any vision at all, it is usually vague, unfocused, and weak.

There are ways to make a vision more powerful. The difference between having no vision, a weak vision, and a powerful vision is like driving at night with no road sign, a sign that's faded and hard to read, and a sign that's clear and lit up. Which scenario would you prefer?

When I've worked with clients on their visions, both I and the client are amazed at what we come up with. And that's just the first step on the journey.

Here's what having a vision will do for you:

  • A vision gives you clarity. That ensures that you know where you're going and taking the right steps to get there.
  • Your vision lets you know when you're on track or off track. We all know how easy it is to get distracted.
  • The vision inspires you and is a powerful motivator. This is especially important when the going gets rough or if you should start to lose hope. Come back to your vision!
  • Your mind is your private workshop. You can work on your vision, add to it, refine it, until it's what you really, really want.
  • You can test alternatives and details in your mind before committing to them in practice, saving valuable resources. When it looks right and feels right, then go for it.
  • A clear vision makes it much easier to communicate your ideas to others, especially those whom you're working with to make it happen.
  • A vision helps you align your thoughts toward your desire. When thoughts (and feelings) are aligned, they have energy, and that attracts people, situations, etc. that are also aligned with your vision. That's how to make the Law of Attraction work for you!
  • Using your mind to create visions is an excellent mental exercise. It develops your ability to use your imagination, and become a better creative thinker.

Once you have a vision, how do you manifest it? How do you make it become reality? While the vision alone can be very powerful, there is obviously more to be done to make it happen. There are all kinds of ways to keep the vision alive and to make it work for you. That's what a coach can help you with.

I'd like to help you get started!

I'm offering a teleclass series (class by telephone) for those of you who want to develop and strengthen your visions. There is room for only 12 people. The series is called Visioning Lab. We'll work on your visions and do visioning exercises. Please come knowing something you want. You don't need to have the vision of it just yet (but if you do, that's great). It's OK if it's not entirely clear; we'll work on that. But it must be something you definitely want. It could be for yourself, your business, or your community - something that you're a part of.

Visioning Lab will be an ongoing weekly series, and there will be a fee to join, but the first teleclass is free! So take advantage of it. The first Visioning Lab class will be Tuesday October 13 at 8:00 pm Eastern time, for 1 hour. You must contact me or 973-701-1007 to register for this initial teleclass, and there is no obligation to continue.

Most people go ahead with no vision or a very vague vision. Do you want to reach your goals quickly and with certainty? Then create your vision to guide you! I'll show you how to add power to your vision and perhaps expand it, too, in Visioning Lab.

Creative thinking tip

Focus on the solution. Imagine the problem or situation already solved. What would it look like? Then, what would it take to make it happen? What would have to be in place before that? You can work backwards from the endpoint to where you are now, and then put it all together to come up with a workable solution.

For example, you want to find a good job. Imagine you're already there, working in your office. What are you doing? What does the company look like? What kind of people are you working with? Then ask what companies might fit that picture. Where would they be located? Then ask, how would you be able to contact a company like that? Then, who do you know who might know someone in one of those places? Then contact them!

By seeing the end result first, you can often get clues about what paths lead to where you want to go.

Creative Ways - Your input needed! is a list of creative ways to do all kinds of practical everyday things. I just started it, so there's not much up there yet, but I'm counting on you to submit ideas!

Last week I asked for creative ways to make money. I've posted a few, and more will be added.

Please let me know any creative ways you've thought of or heard of, in any of the categories shown and and let me know! Or you can suggest a new category. Just click here to email me your ideas. (Also let me know how you want your name or the source of the idea to appear). Thanks! - Coach Joel

Quote of the week

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them." - Henri Matisse

I like this quote because it tells me that we don't have to be limited by what we see or don't see with our ordinary eyes. The amazing feature of our minds is that we have an imagination, or ability to envision whatever we desire. The we can choose to paint flowers, plant flowers, or visualize them any way we like and proclaim their beauty to the world.

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