Week Five Results Of
My New Health Regimen

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May 13, 2010

Week five of my new health regimen has just come to an end. Because April was a month filled with family commitments and travel, I didn’t keep much of an online update of the process.

I’m happy to say that as I have progressed into my second month of this new health regimen, the process of eating every two and a half to 3 hours has become very much a regular part of my life. A new habit has been created and it is actually very rewarding in more ways than I had imagined.

My energy has consistently been much higher. There have been many days in the past 5 weeks where I have gotten up after only having 5 or 6 hours of sleep and I had more than enough energy to make it through the day. Not only getting through the day, but on some of those days putting in 16 hours of productivity and maintaining the mental clarity that allowed me to accomplish more than I had been previously when I would have 8 or 9 hours of sleep. Other than a few days when I think I was dealing with allergies and my energy was down, the changes have been quite noticeable.

As far as a change in weight, I weighed 236.6lbs on the day I started the program, and as of this morning, 1 day past week five, I weighed 213.4lbs. So on average I have dropped 4.6 pounds a week. I am right on track with what my Coach had expected which was for me to take off between 2 and 5 pounds a week.

As I discussed when I began this new health regimen, weight loss was not my primary focus. But I would be lying if I said that I did not enjoy seeing the changes in my physical form and enjoy seeing the numbers go down each time I step on the scale.

Some of the benefits that I had never expected that have come up as I came closer to the end of week five are.

1) A new desire to exercise and increase my energy and vitality. As part of “Phase 1” of this program, there has been no instructions to exercise. Actually my coach suggested that if I was a person who did exercise that I was supposed to decrease the amount of exercise for the first two weeks of the program. And since I had no kind of exercise program I was following he suggested that I not start one for at least the first two weeks. Now that I have passed week five, I just notice that I feel the desire to become even more healthy. This is such a great distinction for me. In the past, I had been so tired, so run down that the idea of exercising was always something I would find every excuse in the world to “not” do. But as my new habits are taking deeper roots, I now feel compelled to become even more healthy.

2) I had expected that any success I would create using this program would give me new references for what else could be possible in my life. And this has been true. What I did not even begin to imagine was how I could benefit from using this new habit of stopping to eat every two and a half to three hours. I recently shared in the latest SA 101 Episode on Taking Responsibility For Yourself a new “discipline” that I am incorporating in my life which is to use that two and a half to three hour “cycle” as a reminder to “check in” on myself if I am working on improving a specific area of my life. I go into more detail in the video, but it was a distinction and an exercise that only came into being because of this program I am on.

3) I didn’t realize just how much was not getting done on an average day with my energy being so low and the lack of mental clarity. The things I am getting accomplished now in 5-8 hours would have literally taken me a week to get done in the past. It is amazing to me that even though I knew on an intellectual level the need of taking care of my physical health and its impact on my mental, emotional and spiritual health, I still was not doing what I needed to. Now that I have had the “experience” of living my life at both ends of the spectrum, I have a newfound respect for the knowledge I had in the past. People often say that knowledge is power. But I have to agree with Anthony Robbins when he says that “Knowledge is only potential power”. There is definitely a difference between “knowledge” and “experience.

4) I’ve decided that I’m going to open myself to even more “vulnerability” with the YDLC web-site. Jerry and I were talking the other night about someone he follows who has a pod cast which is basically an “audio journal”. Although I do enjoy creating articles and videos, most of the time the way I have been creating articles, I do it by recording my thoughts and then having them transcribed. The videos are really a “stream of consciousness” where Jerry and I discuss the topic we want to explore and then I talk for 10 minutes about it without any kind of “script” and then also have those transcribed. As I have explored my “strengths” in respect to developing content for the site, “vocalizing” my ideas has been the best way to capture them. So often there is much I want to share, but getting the recordings transcribed and then turned into articles takes a lot of time. Based on the growth I have had from this new health regimen and my belief in the power of journaling, a new audio journal is in development and should be coming soon.

This experience is changing me dramatically. I’ll be checking back in soon and I look forward to sharing what continues to develop. 

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