What Is Your Biggest Weakness

Is this an area you need to improve or leverage to someone else?

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Day 12: What is your biggest weakness and what do you need to do about it? Success in any venture comes down to knowing what is your biggest strength? And what is your biggest weakness? When you understand these facets of yourself you know where to apply your time to be most effective. As you progress in this process it helps to constantly be asking yourself questions that will help you uncover hidden assets and liabilities as they pertain to your ability to achieve your goals. What are the areas that you excel in? Where are the areas that you struggle?

When you identify your strengths, it is quite simple to know how to best capitalize on that knowledge. In this article we are going to discuss what to do when you uncover what is your biggest weakness.

By admitting your weaknesses you open yourself to options of a) working to improve them or b) leveraging those things to someone who has the strengths that you need, but do not possess yourself. If you are like most people, along the way to achieving this goal you have set, you are finding that you need to step outside of your comfort zone and do things you have never done before. Or maybe it is requiring you to apply yourself in new ways in respect to areas that you have found are a struggle for you. Maybe it’s an area that you just can’t get motivated about, or that you just don’t have a lot of knowledge or background in. Identify those areas right now, and enter them in your journal.

Many people simply ignore their weaknesses rather than identify them or admit them. When an area of weakness shows up for them, they either try to “force” their way through it, or other times, they will procrastinate on taking any action and in doing so, they sabotage any progress they have been making. What I have noticed for myself is that when choosing that path, not only the goal I am working on, but my whole life becomes out of balance.

Have you identified what is your biggest weakness? In becoming aware of it you now have 3 options to choose from 1) ignore it, 2) work on the weakness to improve it or 3) leverage those things to someone who has that strength.

Now that you have identified this area of weakness, ask yourself these two questions. “Is this an area that I personally NEED to improve for me to succeed? Or is this something I can leverage to someone else that will allow me to get better results?”

Be honest in these questions. Many times people want to take the “easy way” and just leverage things out to others, when the area they are passing on is VITAL to long term success. If this is the case, do what you need to do to improve that area. If it is not vital, and you can leverage it to someone… DO IT! I can’t stress this enough, if what is your biggest weakness is a critical piece to your development (what we might call a fatal flaw), then you must do something NOW! What is your biggest weakness? For each area that you have identified in your journal, make a decision right now whether this is an area you need to “I” improve or “L” leverage. Get your life into balance.

Successful people not only know their strengths, they know their weaknesses and what they need to do with them. Self-awareness will allow you to achieve ANYTHING you desire! 

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