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Welcome to Your Daily Life Coach - home of Personal Development through Self Awareness.

Our mission here is to create a community that will lead to personal development and elevate the Self Awareness of humanity by providing Inspiration, Education and Empowerment. 

We realize that there is a very special power created when a group of like-minded individuals begin discussing "possibilities". Have you ever noticed that you can hear the exact same thing from 10 different people, and for some reason, when 9 of them say it there is no impact on you. But then there is that one person... for some unknown reason, they will say the exact same words as the other 9, but when that 1 specific person says it... it hits you. 

So we have created this site as a place where like-minded individuals interested in personal development and on the journey of self awareness can gather and share ideas. My role will be to start the conversation by giving you subject matter to watch, listen to and read. From there, I ask you to simply contribute. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I am willing to bet that within a community of people who have explored different approaches to personal development and self awareness, there will be enough ideas, insights, and experiences that answers will be found by the person seeking them. Even when you think you don't have anything of value to contribute, your words may be the ones that resonate with someone who truly needs help at that moment, so I invite you to simply contribute.

As I was putting this project together, a dear friend asked me, "Why are you so committed to helping people and talking about all this personal development and self awareness stuff?" The answer was simple; because someone was there to help me. The greatest gift that we can give to ourselves... is being of service to others. I know that these may sound cliché, but there is a saying that I want to share with you, that I choose to apply to my life which will hopefully give you a deeper insight to my reasons for doing this. 

"I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the same help that was available to me, to be available to them. And for that... I am responsible." 

Life has obstacles, that's just part of the deal. And I believe that it is our responsibility to help others overcome the obstacles that we, ourselves, have Mastered. In my own journey of personal development and self awareness, I have had the blessings of great teachers, as well as amazing experiences, both "good" and "bad", that have formed who I am today. And I have found that only by giving back, by helping others along the way, do I truly find fulfillment. It is my belief that this "human experience" we are having, is a journey. But this is not a journey where the destination should be the focus, although for many of us that is where it has been. What I believe this journey is about is for us to experience who we become along the way. It's all about choices; it is about becoming self aware. Aware of whom we truly are, as well as becoming aware of our role in the "bigger picture". 

When you truly take a moment and think about it, we choose who we will become in every moment.Every moment is an opportunity to take our lives in a new direction. We can choose to begin anew in each moment, or relive the past again and again.

It is my hope that you will chose to join us in this part of your journey of personal development and self awareness. I invite you to join the community and share some of the skills, strategies, beliefs, ideas and philosophies that have allowed you to overcome your personal challenges and that have brought you to this place in your life. 

And if contributing is outside your comfort zone that’s ok. We invite you to take advantage of the experiences that others will be sharing. The information is here, and available to everyone.

Remember... there are two ways to learn things in this life... The school of "trial and error" otherwise known as "the school of hard knocks"... and the school of "OPE", also known as "Other People's Experience". It's all about choices. You can choose to be a "pioneer" and fight your way through... or you can look to others who have gone before and can show you some short cuts.

Every person I know who has created amazing results in their lives... has looked to someone, many times, numerous people for direction along the way. I am not saying that they just adopted the beliefs of these other people, but by exploring other possibilities, by asking questions and entering into dialogue, they became more aware of what was right for them.

Messages of hope and courage 

The world and our knowledge of how the Universe works is changing. The intention of this site is to offer hope and courage... hope for new possibilities in our own journey of self awareness and for the planet as a whole; and courage to question and challenge the status quo and "traditional" thinking as we look to both age old wisdom and new approaches to self awareness for our solutions. 

We believe that these messages we will share are for the masses that ultimately everyone can benefit from what will be discussed here. I say that because I believe that every bit of knowledge that will lead to our personal development and increase our Self Awareness will impact our lives, and the lives of those around us. But even though the message is for everyone, the life-long Journey to true freedom is only chosen by a few. It is offered to everyone, everyone with the courage to believe that it is achievable, but not everyone will make the commitment and take the kind of action that results in true change. 

So what is in all this for you if you decide to embark on a journey of personal development through self awareness? Potentially life-altering rewards

A person who has been exposed to new possibilities can never completely go back to seeing their situation from their original perception again. We can choose to ignore the possibilities that we have been offered, but we can never deny that there are other possibilities after we have been exposed to them.

Your specific results will be determined by your willingness to step into the process. What actions are you committed to take? We can offer all the material, but it will be up to you to take the steps.

If this seems uncomfortable... it may well be. Many fear change. But for those who are willing to overcome that fear and take action, the rewards are life-altering. And we all know the grains of truth in the old adage... 

If nothing changes... nothing changes 

Change is inevitable... But Growth is optional.

And growth is what this journey of personal development and self awareness is about. As you become more self aware, you will notice changes in long-held beliefs of what it takes to be 'successful' in business and in life. 

By becoming more self aware, we gain more control in regard to how we evaluate the "advice" of those we've been conditioned to 'trust.' We open ourselves to what truly resonates with us, rather than following blindly. 

Our success, our growth, comes from an self awareness of how we think, an awareness of how we choose, and an self awareness of how we evaluate opportunities. 

I treasure your trust and admire your commitment to creating the grandest vision of who you can become. 

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